10 Tips on Deep Cleaning and Organizing Your Room

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Deep cleaning your room may be difficult given the amount of clutter, filthy clothing, and other rubbish you have. Cleaning and organizing may be made simple and efficient by dividing the job into smaller tasks. By changing the way you clean and organize, you’d be surprised at how much you can achieve. 

In this article, we would tackle the 10 tips on how to deep clean your room and organize them properly as recommended by our professional cleaners from your trusted house cleaning agency in Los Angeles.

1. Cleaning the Bed

Firstly, clean your bedding. Replace your bedsheet and pillowcases every 2 weeks. Try to pick up some of the objects on the floor. To expand the lifespan and comfort, flip your mattress. Make your bed as quickly as the laundry is finished. Don’t forget to arrange the pillows wherever you prefer. Make the bed clean, it makes a tremendous impact.

2. Take Out the Trash

This is probably the simplest chore on your room cleaning checklist but at the same time, this is the most forgotten chore inside the bedroom. Start with taking care of a little mess. We advise purchasing a small trash bin if you don’t already have one in your room. Small garbage may accumulate quickly, whether it comes from removing tags off clothing, using tissues, or eating late at night. 

Take out any clutter from the area, then remove it from the trash can. Make sure to have reserved trash bags. You’ll have liners on hand when it’s time to empty it after you’ve taken out the old trash bag.

3. Clear your Closet

Organize and sort through all of your wardrobes quickly, keeping only the pieces that fit and that you genuinely adore. Have the appropriate coat, pants, skirt, and trouser hangers. Purchase a scarf hanger. Use hooks for handbags and hats and drawer dividers for socks and underwear. 

If you don’t have enough room in your closet or if there isn’t enough room, store your bulky winter and sports clothing in a vacuum sealer bag. Also, be sure to organize your boots and shoes properly by sorting them by how you are using them regularly.

4. Put Dirty Clothing in a Hamper

It’s important to take out dirty clothes such as unrolling socks or pulling clothes right away out since time is of the essence with this deep clean. While managing the laundry, these duties are simpler and easier to complete. Simply gather up all of the dirty clothes and put them in the hamper.

5. Wipe off the Dust Surfaces

Apply a moist cloth to every surface in your room. Take a close look at any dressers, mirrors, artwork, or other stationary items you have in your home. With a damp cloth or a clean microfiber, you may pick up dust and wipe the surface clean after deep cleaning your walls with a cotton mop or vacuum extension.

6. Vacuum, Mop, or Sweep

Suck out any lingering dirt, crumbs, or dust that has accumulated over time. Pay attention to tight spaces like those behind and under your bed and other items of furniture. Vacuum your mattress as well if you really want to go the extra effort. For deep cleaning, move furniture when vacuuming or sweeping. Scan your area to gather any noticeable dust or debris.

7. Organize your Desk

It’s essential to maintain your desk tidy since here is where you keep all of your belongings and complete paperwork for school. An organized space makes homework easier to complete. Sort everything after removing everything off the desk. 

Only keep items that are crucial to your job or studies, and find homes for everything else. Clean off the desk and arrange the objects in a pleasant way, don’t forget to clean your desk chair as well.

8. Dust Curtains and Light

Curtains also require dusting. Lampshades, windows or curtains, all this can accumulate dust as quickly as your room and some furniture do. It’s important to clean these features, you can use a vacuum on a low setting or lightly dust them with a duster. This essential room cleaning checklist item also aids in clearing the area of allergies so it’s important to do a home cleaning of your room.

9. Take Inventory of Your Belongings

Once your space is organized, start deciding which items you no longer need and decluttering and putting them in a bucket to be donated or you may sell them online. This can give you additional income. Put anything you’re unsure about discarding in a separate container for the time being. You may decide later whether or not to keep them. 

Once the undesired objects are out of the way, put everything else back where it belongs, such as clothing in the closet, books on the bookcase, and jewelry in the jewelry box. Put relevant things together and temporarily lay aside any objects that don’t yet have a location.

10. Consider Additional Storage

Objects that you haven’t yet put away now that practically everything is in its rightful location and is sorted. Consider purchasing a bookshelf or shelving unit you can mount to a wall if you have a lot of books but no specific location to store them to maximize floor space. Utilizing concealed storage options can also help you make the most of your floor space and this will help you keep organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may consider clearing out the closet before you organize your room. Sort through all of your wardrobes and if you don’t have enough space in your closet you store a box under your bed to put some other stuff that you usually wear it.

Before you organize your room or clean it, the mess in your room starts with taking out the trash. It is important to remove it regularly because small garbage may accumulate an unpleasant odor. This is probably the simplest and first chore you can do to start your room cleaning checklist. Take out any clutter from the area, then remove it from the trash can.

The best way to clean your room is to vacuum, mop, and sweep because it sucks out any lingering dirt, crumbs, or dust that has accumulated over time. Scan your area to gather any noticeable dust or debris. Vacuum the tight spaces like those behind and under your bed, and other items of furniture.

Start with removing trash and throwing away the clutter. Clean the whole house, not just one room. Check everything in your room if there is trash that needs to be removed and then you may dust and vacuum each room to prevent accumulating dust. A vacuum will definitely bring out the best in you. It’s a piece of great equipment to be a good quick cleaner.

Have a Pro Cleaner Deep Clean Your Room

The secret to cleaning a room quickly is knowing which duties to complete first and which equipment you’ll need before you begin. Cleaning up a particularly untidy space and organizing your surroundings is certainly a difficult task. However, as a result, it will bring you peace and relaxation after cleaning and organizing them. It may be difficult but rewarding after. 

We understand that some people are busy enough to do these things, so Maggy Maid’s services can  help you with regard to house cleaning and organizing. We also offer maid services, housekeeping, and moving-in or moving-out cleaning in Los Angels, CA. For more information about free quotations, contact us today at (888) 624-4962.


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