10 Ways for Deck Cleaner Los Angeles

Deck Cleaner Los angeles

A deck is a structure generally made from wood and it needs a cleaning too. To allow protective sealants to penetrate deeper into the wood, your deck needs to be exfoliated every year. If you plan to do deck cleaner, do it on a cloudy day. It is the ideal time to clean your deck. The cleaner won’t evaporate in the sun because the deck will be chilly. Your deck serves as your outdoor work as well which is why it’s necessary to clean them. Simply clean and prepare your deck, porch, or patio by following these instructions in order to get ready for a summer spent outside. Start by getting out stuff you no longer use, then put on your work gloves and go to deep cleaning. After finishing the procedure, you’ll be prepared for many relaxing summer days outside. In this article, we will tackle the 10 proper ways to clean your deck as suggested by our professionals from house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles.

1. Declutter

Starting by decluttering is helpful, just as when cleaning any other place. See if there are any objects in your backyard that you no longer require especially here in Los Angeles some of them have a deck cleaner in their house. Some obvious options are rusted garden equipment you haven’t touched in years, damaged outdoor furniture you have no intentions to replace, and scrap wood you’ve let decay outside. If your children have outgrown any old yard toys, think about giving them.

2. Sweep

The house’s outside walls where the deck is attached should be cleaned with a broom. Remove any cobwebs or other debris first by using the brush on the railing of your deck. Next, clean the deck’s top. If the deck is on the second level and you have access to it, clean the underside to get rid of any dirt that might gather moisture.

3. Wash Outdoor Furniture

Even though your patio furniture was covered with weatherproof coverings all winter, you should still brush the cobwebs off of it. The majority of items may be cleaned using a nylon brush soaked in warm, soapy water, then rinsed with a garden hose. 

4. Scrub

Some home cleaning products might harm your deck. Never use steel wool, powerful abrasives, dry cleaning fluids, or solvents for lacquer thinner. Rather than using a pressure washer on any deck material, use an efficient biodegradable solution and scrub brush with bristles. Test the mixture on a small area after combining the cleaner and water. In 15 to 30 minutes, the mildew should be killed and the dirt removed. Also use diluted ammonia or outdoor bleach, along with a lot of elbow grease, to remove stubborn stains caused by leaves, algae, moss, or mold.

5. Rinse

After you’ve finished cleaning everything, use the garden hose to thoroughly rinse your deck, including the surface, steps, railings, and railings. Additionally, wash any tarps that you used to cover surrounding objects to prevent them from drying with a coating of dirt on them.

6. Choose your Cleaner

You might not need an additional home cleaning product if you use a power washer. If you decide to use one, attach the cleaning solution tank to your machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You don’t have to worry about mixing anything because many power washers include connectors that connect to containers of industrial deck cleaners or you may use vinegar or baking soda for cleaning your deck. 

7. Remove Stubborn Stains

Some surface stains, like oak leaves or algae, might be difficult to get rid of. Make a paste out of 2 cups of baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon of liquid dish detergent in a small bowl to remove these tough stains off the wood deck. Apply this there and let it sit for five minutes before covering the area with one cup of warm white vinegar. The residual stain should be removed by the bubbling action. As soon as the bubbling stops, thoroughly rinse with a garden hose.

8. Let It Dry

Since wood is brittle when damp, patio furniture might gouge the wood or raise the grain, which would cause future cracking and warping. Before putting anything back or sealing your deck, wait 24 hours or 1 day.

9. Clean the Grill Area

Over time, your grill’s grease and food may accumulate, increasing the likelihood that when you cook, they’ll fall onto your deck. Simply take out the grates and wash them with soapy water to clean your grill.

10. Mow the Lawn

Rake away any dead leaves after gathering any branches that have fallen in your yard throughout the winter. Raking the leaves will not only make your yard seem cleaner but will also help the grass recover from a winter of hibernation by allowing it to breathe. Moreover, mulching would also help. Although mulching isn’t exactly cleaning, it never fails to quickly improve the appearance of a patio or backyard when a new layer of mulch is added to the flower beds. Additionally, some gardening experts swear by mulching before planting so they may avoid having to carefully avoid later-blooming flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply using soapy water and a brush with soft pressurized water is one of the finest methods to clean your deck. Contrary to popular belief, it will properly clean the surface without harming the finish.

When it comes to natural cleansers, vinegar and baking soda make a potent duo. In order to clean your deck, mix vinegar and water. Apply baking soda to any wood that has mildew, then clean the boards with vinegar and warm water.

Make a mild cleaning solution with warm water and liquid dish soap to prevent hurting your decking. You can also use a wood deck cleaning product. As soon as the cleaning agent begins to lather, saturate the surface and scrub the deck with a stiff-bristled brush or sponge.

Scrub after combining the oil soap and water; you might need to wait a while for it to set. Baking soda will be your next best option if the stain is really difficult to remove. To make a paste-like wash, combine baking soda and water. To clean it, scrape it with a soft brush.


In conclusion, maintaining a deck in good shape saves time since even a small deck cleaner requires a lot of labor to refinish. While annual refinishing is necessary to completely preserve your deck and keep it looking great, there are several easy steps you can do to maintain it over the course of your deck’s life as well as between routine maintenance. 


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