11 Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedule

11 Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedule To have a tidy house, you don't necessarily have to clean everything daily. Doing a daily weekly monthly cleaning schedule is a must.

It takes constant attention and works to maintain a clean house and do an 11 daily weekly monthly cleaning schedule. To have a tidy house, you don’t necessarily have to clean everything daily. Knowing how frequently to clean each item in your house can help you keep ahead of the dirt. It’s simpler to clean on a routine as opposed to waiting until something looks unclean or is damaged. In this article, we will be providing you with 11 daily weekly monthly cleaning schedule and also you will be able to find out what requires home cleaning on a daily, weekly, or twice-a-year basis, and what may wait until a season according to our professional cleaners from house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles.

1. Dust Ceiling Fans

Look up if it has been some time since you cleaned your ceiling fan. Your fans probably have a lot of dust and grime stuck to them. At least once a month for deep cleaning, dust the ceiling fan to maintain it clean, ensure its proper operation, and stop the air from becoming contaminated with all that dust.

2. Clean Exhaust Vents

If you haven’t recently checked your heating and cooling system’s intake and exhaust vents, you might unintentionally be dispersing dust throughout your house. By routinely taking off the vent covers and cleaning both inside and outside the vents, you may make your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system operate more effectively and prolong its lifespan. Do as Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedules as possible. Additionally, clean the walls surrounding the vents. Additionally, while you’re giving your HVAC system some tender loving care, check the primary filter and replace it as necessary, we recommend cleaning filters every 2 weeks.

3. Cleaning the Light

It is safe to clean once a month. Your lamps and light won’t fade or become covered in dust if you clean your light fixtures once a month. This one is just a simple task. Simply clean the fixture with a towel, and remove the bulb or pan for a quick polish. With proper cleaning, you’ll be shocked by how much brighter the light is.

4. Dust Air Vents

The air vents in your house may go unnoticed most of the time, but the wall and vent surfaces may quickly accumulate dust. In order to prevent dust from drifting into your rooms, dust them once a month. To get rid of any dust that has gathered there, wipe down the next wall as well.

5. Blinds

To eliminate the dust on your blinds you should clean them at least once a month. Using a dry cloth to remove dust isn’t always enough, especially if dirt has accumulated on your blinds for a long time. Different types of blinds necessitate different cleaning methods, but before performing any deep cleaning, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. Clean the Walls

Even households without young children can occasionally find scratches on their home’s walls. Spot cleaning your home’s walls will help you get rid of crayon smudges, furniture scratches, dust, and spills. The locations where you prepare food, dine, and keep waste are the ones that need a Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedule for a wall washdown.

7. Clean the Windows

Cleaning the interior of the glass and washing down the windowsills are included in a Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedule for windows. To get rid of smudges and stains on the inside of the windows, use glass cleaner. 

8. Clean the Garbage Disposal

It is not unexpected that garbage disposal might become downright unpleasant because its primary function is to process waste. However, frequent cleaning will maintain your disposal in good working order and reduce irritating odors. Pour roughly half a cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar down the garbage disposal once a month, then pour several cups of boiling water down the disposal after letting the mixture sit for a few minutes it may boil and hiss during this time. Running lemon or orange peels through the disposal and then flushing it with hot water can keep your disposal smelling fresh.

9. Get Rid of Grout

Grout may accumulate grime, oil, and soap scum over time, giving your tile a worn appearance. In fact, nothing ruins the appearance of the tile in a kitchen or bathroom like unclean grout. However, home cleaning the grout is only somewhat difficult and takes a little amount of time. You will be needing the help of a professional grime cleaner if you don’t have an idea how it works. Use an old brush and some oxygen bleach to gently scrape the grout lines. A homemade cleaner may be created by using 3 tbsp baking soda, 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tablespoon of mild dish soap. Avoid using vinegar or other acidic cleaners since they can erode, and even disintegrate grout.

10. Clean the Spot in the Carpet

Examine the carpet and upholstery for stains, and then deal with any that you find. Do this every month if possible. Before cleaning, test the stain remover in a discrete area, if it’s good to go then you may start cleaning.

11. Clean your Closet

Spend some time cleaning your closets once a month, paying specific attention to the spaces behind shoe trees, shelves, and storage containers. You’d be surprised at how much dust may gather inside. Don’t forget about the walls, doors, doorframe, and baseboards. While you’re there, quickly go through your clothing and footwear, donating or getting rid of everything you haven’t worn in over a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely. In this way, the appliances, furniture, and the entire house will be maintained and will be free from any possible health-related problems. However, the decision is always yours. It depends on your specific circumstances, such as how quickly your house gets dirty and your financial situation. A Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedule and a cleaning service should work for you if, for example, you live alone, don’t have any pets, and spend most of your time outside.

The purpose of cleaning is to get rid of dirt, dust, crumbs, and bacteria removed from surfaces and things by cleaning, also you can prevent getting sick or some allergies that might get to your house if you don’t clean. 

Your family may get severe allergies and respiratory problems if you don’t clean. Symptoms like nasal congestion, coughing, watery eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing can be brought on by a dust mite explosion. Ignoring symptoms can make more serious illnesses, like asthma, worse.

Yes, cleaning is a physical activity that reduces stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms since it results in a cleaner environment.  Cleaning can also help you focus and feel less worn out.


In conclusion, it doesn’t have to be a difficult, time-consuming task to clean your house. The secret to handling home chores fast and effectively is to create a simple schedule that covers all of the crucial responsibilities. Doing a Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedule will maintain your house look beautiful. If you want to know more about the cleaning process, or need help with cleaning due to not having time, Maggy Maid will help you. Contact us today at (888) 624-4962


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