4 Best and Easy Ways to Clean Blinds

home cleaning blinds

There are different types of blinds based on their materials and structure. The most popular blinds are wood, fabric, vinyl, and aluminum. Most blinds are used for window covering. It also adds style to your home. The House Cleaning specialists from Los Angeles recommend simple but best ways to clean blinds. You can consider any of the following in your House Cleaning routine:

1. Use a dry, clean cloth to gently dust your blind. 

The fastest House Cleaning strategy for your window blinds is to simply close the slats in one direction and wipe them over with a dry cloth or duster feather. Open the slats then close again in the opposite direction and wipe down the slats as before. For a more in-depth clean, you will need a dry, lint-free cloth, soft duster, or House Cleaning tool, especially for the blind. 

2. Use a damp cloth to remove any stubborn marks. 

If there are sticky and stubborn stains that you can’t remove with a dry cloth, rub it lightly with a damp cloth until the stain lifts. Do not rub too hard as this may affect the surface of the blinds. Once the stain has been removed, wipe away any excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum is one of the most common tools in House Cleaning. It will be better if you will use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush because vacuum cleaners with powerful suction can cause damage. You can buy one from the House Cleaning stores in Los Angeles.

4. Use a microfiber cloth. 

The most useful and most convenient material for House Cleaning is a microfiber cloth. You can use it to clean your blinds without having to remove them. 

Just wipe the cloth over the slats side to side moving down the blind gently. You may dip the cloth into a mixture of detergent to remove sticky grime.

Here are additional House Cleaning tips for your window blinds.

1. Clean your blinds regularly.

According to the House Cleaning experts from Los Angeles, normally, blinds that are well-maintained last for decades – even if the warranty is only for five years. Always include the blinds in your House Cleaning routine. You can do it monthly or if needed, every week. 

2. Alternative for a microfiber cloth.

If there is no available microfiber cloth, you can have an alternative! You may use an old clean sock; it works just the same. Place the sock over your hand, dip it into the water, and start cleaning the blinds.

3. You may also clean your shutters and fabric shades

You can use the same process in cleaning the shutters if you have one. For fabric shades, such as Roman or honeycomb shades, you can clean those at home, too in a slightly different procedure. Lower the covers and use the soft brush attachment and put your vacuum cleaner to low suction before going over the shades starting from the top. Then, do it on the other side. 

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