5 Tips For Keeping Your Fabric Sofa Clean

5 Tips For Keeping Your Fabric Sofa Clean


As we all know nowadays, fabric couches, sofas, and chairs are trendy for their comfort and durability. However, even the best-treated, trendy, and expensive fabric will require deep cleaning to maintain it in good shape. Most sofas should be thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year, although fabric furniture may require more frequent cleaning. This includes vacuuming once a month and dealing with spills and stains as soon as they occur. To help you lessen your stress with maintaining the cleanliness and the quality of the fabric from your sofa, we’ve compiled simple instructions on how to clean fabric couches which are recommended by upholsterers and also our professional cleaners from house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles.

Start with the smallest area


If you want to keep your fabric couch clean, we advise doing basic cleaning on it every two to three days. However, deep cleaning of your fabric sofa should be performed every four to six weeks. A pre-test is an excellent way to practice if you’re concerned about damaging your couch. Choose a small sofa corner as your starting point. If all goes well, you could then use the same strategy on the entire sofa.

Removing Stains


There can still be a few difficult stains and muddled-appearing patches despite your best efforts. Working quickly is important because fabrics, especially natural ones, are easily stained. The harder it is to get rid of them, the longer it takes. Additionally, you frequently need to create your own DIY cleaning remedies because mistakes always occur unexpectedly. As soon as you got stains, quickly wipe them so the stain and their color won’t stick for too long to the fabric. In case there are the worst types of stains, and if the sofas are already damaged, it may seem difficult to clean and fix them without proper knowledge.

Additionally, you can hire professional cleaners with Maggy Maid in the Los Angeles area to thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture as you sit back and unwind. In this manner, you won’t have to do all the labor-intensive jobs and you won’t run the risk of damaging your furniture.

Use a Vacuum


Regular vacuuming gets rid of the dirt and dust that would eventually collect on the couch, making it look dull and dirty. The most efficient vacuum is one that has a hose and upholstery attachments like a squeegee, powerhead, and upholstery brush. On the other hand, a portable vacuum will get rid of surface dust. Work your way down the upholstery starting at the top of the sofa. If your vacuum doesn’t have an upholstery attachment, first use a soft brush to thoroughly remove the dirt before vacuuming it up. Make sure to completely clean any removable cushions, the couch’s back, and the fabric sides that are attached to the frame.

Use a steamer


Another excellent method for cleaning a sofa is using a steam cleaner. These machines can clean a variety of materials because they only use heat and water. Use a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment to make cleaning your house easier. Follow the equipment’s usage instructions and stay away from the hot steam to prevent burns. Do not lean over the applicator when using it since heat rises. It could be preferable to transfer the sofa into a room with more room so you can work around it and away from the walls.

Moreover, it is preferable to remove the covers and steam clean each side separately. Before turning them over and cleaning the second side, let the first side completely dry. They avoid smelling musty because of this. Use multiple strokes with the steamer attachment rather than continuously blowing steam into one spot. By doing this, the couch avoids getting wet.

Clean the sofa frame


Clean the sofa’s frame afterward. To make sure that nothing is overlooked and that each area is thoroughly cleaned, complete this task in small segments. Before adding new cushions, let the sofa entirely dry out. This procedure can be sped up with the help of a nearby fan.

Use a Baking Soda


Sprinkle baking soda over the couch’s location and let it sit for 30 to 45 minutes. Use just enough baking soda to coat; don’t use too much. After that, use the brush attachment to vacuum it up. The outcome is a lightly cleaned and deodorized couch. Anytime you want to update your upholstered furniture, repetition is necessary. Simply combine baking soda with dry upholstery/carpet cleaning and repeat the process if you want to completely clean the area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Using a vacuum cleaner, Vacuuming on a regular basis eliminates dust and grime that would ultimately settle into the couch.

Most sofas should be thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year, although fabric furniture may require more frequent cleaning.  Deep cleaning of your fabric sofa should be done every four to six weeks.

Baking soda is one of the other homemade for cleaning your sofa the result is a deodorized and softly cleaned couch. Repetition is required anytime you feel the urge to refresh your upholstered furniture.

By removing the stain and deep cleaning the sofa, steaming the couch, and lastly using other alternative DIY Solutions for cleaning the sofa.



In conclusion, keeping your fabric sofa clean is one of the most important tasks to do. A dirty stained sofa can lead to different types of allergies, and it is not a good feeling to sit on a dirty sofa. Vacuuming your fabric couch on a regular basis might help keep it clean. Consider applying fabric protection treatments on your couch as well. If you encounter serious damage, you may call and bring it to upholstery near your area or if you’re just needing proper maintenance but don’t have time, give us a call to schedule a professional worker to clean your sofa. Our best domestic workers from Los Angeles are indeed knowledgeable when it comes to upholstery and cleaning fabric sofas. For more information, you can contact us at (888) 624-4962. Maggy Maid will love to give you a wonderful service and help you with your cleaning needs.


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