6 Easy Steps How To Organize House Cleaning

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Keeping up with everyday housekeeping might be tiresome, but it does not have to consume all of your time. Having a clean home is more about developing certain excellent habits that you will eventually have. It’s normal to get things messy, so just keep up with the daily home cleaning. Follow these habits to maintain your house clean and neat. 

As long as you’re getting used to it, the more it’s become simpler. It’s normal to overwhelm you at first, but take it one at a time. Choose one or two to begin, and then little by little, you can just add more as you are able. In this article, we will tackle the 6 easy steps how to organize house cleaning. These are the steps that are mostly used by our professional cleaners from our house cleaning agency in Los Angeles. Take a look at the tips below:

1. Start with your Bed

Making the bed may seem like a waste of time to some, but it makes a great improvement in how neat the room appears and only takes a few minutes. Additionally, it helps to start the day well, and to make life easy, keep your bedding as simple as possible. Consider buying sheets with anti-wrinkle, reducing the number of pillows on your bed, and buying a large enough cover or comforter to eliminate the need to tuck in your sheets.

2. Closet and Clothing

The simplest method to handle a closet is to first sort your clothes by type. Start with shoes, then boots, then dress, then denim, and so on. It is much simpler to determine whether to throw or retain a pair of jeans when you can see your complete jeans collection at once.

So begin by pulling out various types of clothing and deciding what to throw and what to retain, Decluttering clothes is a good idea if you are not using them, you can sell them online or donate them.

3. Vacuuming and Mopping your Floor

Vacuuming is the simplest and most enjoyable aspect of home cleaning. Get an excellent vacuum cleaner and clean every inch of your home. Vacuum cleaners may also clear dust off sofas and floor areas. It is essential to mop and disinfect the floor once you have cleared the dust.

A decent disinfectant-treated mop will be enough, but remember to not use any fabric conditioner on your mop since it will make your floor sticky and also not good if you have pets living with you. It is necessary to choose a decent disinfectant that is gentle on the hands and contains few chemicals.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen is where you can find food stains, particles, debris, and general mess. It shows that there has been a lot of activity in the kitchen. An organized kitchen is only a few tasks away. Organize your kitchen in a way that optimizes counter space while minimizing clutter on the counter and in drawers. 

If the kitchen is clean and organized, the entire house feels clean and organized, even when it isn’t. Begin by deep cleaning the cabinets and selecting how to best arrange the area, as well as removing objects that should not be stored in the kitchen. Store those kitchen gadgets that are only used occasionally, and rearrange your cabinet and pantry properly.

5. Living Room

This area is where you spend the most time and also becomes the area that you’re always cleaning. In your living room, your children’s toys, video games, remote controllers, and other items are usually spread around the house. Begin to pick up those unnecessary items that don’t belong in the living room, clean, and declutter. Begin with a fast 30-40 minute organizational makeover. Not only will the area feel bigger soon, but the sense of success will give you the desire to continue.

Moreover, for the toys in the living room, remember that it’s normal to have them there especially if you have a toddler. But as time goes by it will lessen little by little, so it won’t be there for a long time. We suggest setting up spaces for smaller children to play in the room to keep their toys restricted so it will be a clean and kid-friendly family area. 

6. Bathrooms

It’s easy for the bathroom to get cluttered and messy. With or without children, restrooms may get messy. Simply clean everything in the bathroom properly. Begin organizing your bathroom with a blank slate. Slowly replace what you need and remove anything else. Consider what should be placed on bathroom shelves, in linen closets, and in bathroom storage locations. In this way, you will feel lighter, clean, and more organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making the bed and cleaning your bedroom helps to start the day well. To make life easy, keep your bedding as simple as possible. Consider buying sheets with anti-wrinkle, reducing the number of pillows on your bed, and buying a large enough cover or comforter to eliminate the need to tuck in your sheets.

Vacuuming and mopping are the fastest way to clean the house. It is essential to use this to get rid of dust or debris. It is the simplest and most enjoyable aspect of home cleaning.

Cleaning comes first being organizing. If your home is filled with clutter, dirt, debris, and unorganized stuff, then it is impossible to keep it tidy. Without at least some cleaning, you cannot genuinely be organized. Setting up strategies for maintaining organization in your home can make cleaning easier.

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Keeping the home clean and organized is huge work that takes a lot of time and energy. However, if you have the correct guidance and equipment by your side, it is quite simple to keep the house clean and organized. To organize cleaning properly, decide how many days you’ll clean. Then, assign specific areas to specific days. In this way, you will be able to have a chance to clean all the areas without forgetting them. 

It is important to clean all other areas, not just those that are easy to access. Clear off stuff that doesn’t belong in that area or throw out any food gone bad in the fridge. Practicing the clean-as-you-go trait would also help you be organized and it helps you be a disciplined person.

House cleaning can be very time-consuming especially when you live in LA. Maggy Maid is a house cleaning, housekeeping, and maid service referral agency that can help you keep your home squeaky clean. We offer home cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA you can call (213) 388-5256 or book one through this link.


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