6 Strategies for Wax and Grease Remover at Home

Wax and Grease remover dirty stove with grease

You might find a ton of dirty areas all throughout your house, and grease is the typical dirt you can see especially with stoves. In the kitchen, dining room, garage, and other areas of the home, wax and grease remover are common ways on cleaning. If you cook a lot, your home is normally filled with spills, boilovers, splatters, and other greasy stains. Moreover, it’s not good to have oil stains all over the property, especially if don’t properly clean them. The easiest way to deal with these stains is to contact skilled cleaners in Los Angles to thoroughly clean your home. In addition, removing grease stains as soon as they appear would be beneficial. 

However, some individuals use readily available commercial cleansers wax and grease remover, but these products contain dangerous chemicals that, when exposed regularly and for an extended period of time, can cause a variety of severe diseases. In this article, we will provide you with 6 strategies for removing grease at home. We made it as simple as possible, most especially for those who are new to cleaning. This could help you help to do wax and grease remover at home as also suggested by our professional cleaners from house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles.


1. Baking Soda

Of course, the number one product that is perfect for cleaning and deodorizing. A moderately abrasive and absorbent powder called baking soda may be used to do wax and grease remover from a variety of surfaces. Pour the powder immediately onto recent stains and allow it to soak up the dirt before cleaning the spots with a paper towel. To make a spot treatment, simply make a paste out of baking soda and water to use as a spot treatment for old and difficult stains. Scrape off the paste after letting it sit on the stain for at least 40 to 50 minutes. Rinse with water after washing or wiping the surface with a simple soap solution. This way is effective and not to mention, it saves you from spending money on buying those expensive cleaning products.

2. Dish Soap

When we are cooking, grease splatters across the surfaces, walls, and cabinets. How about your clothes? The best way to remove or clean it from your shirt or tablecloth? Pour a little dab of dish soap straight on the stain for those delicate surfaces. Before washing the linens in cold water, let the soap sit in the water for around half an hour. Additionally, dish soaps are among the best wax and grease remover fighters available since they are made to wash the grease and oils away. Therefore, a drop of dish soap works incredibly well to remove grease from textiles when used to sanitize grease stains on clothing and other linens.

3. Use White Vinegar

Another famous cleaning product that can be found in the kitchen is vinegar. Almost every surface or object may be safely and organically cleaned with white vinegar, which is an effective degreaser. It may be used to clean many different surfaces like home cleaning solutions, including the stove, microwave, sinks, countertops, drains, tiles, and furniture. Spraying the solution over the stained area and letting it sit for a while can help break up the grime’s structure and hold. Moreover, white vinegar may be used as is, diluted with water, or combined with other homemade natural home cleaning products like baking soda which can even be more effective. These products are used to sanitize and clean oily and dirty surfaces. Be reminded to be aware if you have marble or granite type of floorings or countertops since they may lose their quality so it is important to think before using and we highly advise not to use white vinegar on them. White vinegar’s acetic acid has the potential to dissolve the porous surface of these stones, causing irreparable harm around the area and it will ruin and destroy your floorings.

4. Salt and Alcohol

Everyone probably understands how to get grease off your clothes, however what if minor spills happen on the kitchen rug or carpet? These cannot be just thrown in the washing. For large goods like chair cushions and other soft materials, rubbing alcohol and salt is needed. The discoloration will come off if you just simply wipe it with a solution of salt and rubbing alcohol. After the solution has dried and the grease has been removed, vacuum up any remaining salt and wipe away any leftover residue with a damp towel.

5. Flour

If you spill grease when cooking, you should wipe it up right away to avoid a bigger issue later. Sprinkle some flour over the spill for a simple solution. After letting the flour sit for a little while to absorb the grease, you may quickly wipe it away. The grease, however, cannot be dried out for the flour to be able to work.

6. Have a DIY Cleaner

Making a powerful cleaner with non-toxic components is the greatest method to guarantee that you can decrease the number of locations organically and naturally. Warm water, liquid castile soap, and white vinegar are required to prepare a home cleaning solution for eliminating grease. Use a spray bottle, and combine the water and vinegar. Finish by adding a few drops of soap. Use this cleaner to effectively and efficiently clean oily surfaces and objects after thoroughly mixing all the ingredients. Baking soda may be added to this solution to gently clean the surface or item and restore its quality, as well as deodorize them at the same time. Baking soda and liquid soap can be used to create yet another effective degreasing cleanser. Simply make a paste, and then apply it to the oily parts. Then do a thorough washing of the surface to remove all grease. Additionally, you may want to try to add a little lemon juice, which is great for degreasing and deodorizing in addition to baking soda.

Frequently Asked Questions

Baking soda, salt, and dish soap can be used to assist remove crusted greasy. Instead of using a rag, you could also wish to use a moderately abrasive sponge to assist remove the dirt.


As a grease-fighting component, vinegar alone is well-known, and an even good component when partnered with baking soda added. Even a simple soak in a homemade vinegar and water solution can do wax and grease remover. White vinegar may be used as is, diluted with water, or combined with other homemade natural home cleaning products like baking soda which can even be more effective. 


Yes. For large goods like chair cushions and other soft materials, rubbing alcohol and salt is needed. The discoloration will come off if you just simply wipe it with a solution of salt and rubbing alcohol. The salt absorbs the grease or oil, making it easier to clean the clothing.


Hot water has a greater ability to dissolve substances than cold water when there are more solvents present. For stains that are difficult to wash like dirt, grease, and oil, hot water is the preferred method.



In conclusion, if you don’t know how to remove oil and dirt from household surfaces or items, cleaning them might be difficult. You may get rid of grease spills, boilovers, spots, and stains utilizing the various procedures described above rather than using chemical cleaners. It is important to have knowledge on how to do wax and grease remover properly, not just by simply wiping them using a wet towel since it could spread the oil more to the surface and even bring out the bad smell. Since grease is sometimes hard to remove especially for those people who are not used to it, professional cleaners are frequently hired to clean the areas with grease and usually they use non-toxic substances to sanitize a house in an expert way. 


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