8 Quick Cleaning Tips For Your Living Room

Cleaning Tips for your living room tips is one of the most often utilized rooms in your house is the living room. Here you can read tips for fast cleaning in the living room.

One of the most often utilized rooms in your house is the living room. In this area, you are able to relax, unwind, spend time with loved ones, and host visitors. A living room may quickly get dirty with such frequent use, and it’s pretty normal. When you know how to clean a living room properly, you can give it the full attention it requires and work quickly to get results. In this article, we will tackle the 8 quick cleaning tips for your living room that are most especially made for busy people. This guide is recommended by our professional cleaners from house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles. So if you are type of person who is busy, check out the entire article.


1. Gather your Supplies

Firstly, start your cleaning task by gathering all of the equipment and supplies you’ll need, and this will help you do it much more quickly. The supplies, for examples are the glass cleaner, furniture polish, a vacuum with several attachments, microfiber cloths, and a small bag for trash. These basic supplies are already good especially when doing home cleaning you want to make sure your living room is clean and do it a quick as possible.


2. Dust and Wipe

There can be a lot of dirty furniture in your living room. You will need to prioritize what you’ll clean in a quick cleaning session. Examine the furnishings, windows, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and wall hangings from top to bottom. If they are not obviously dirty, give them a quick touch-up with your brush or a microfiber cloth, or simply ignore them. Dust on the window sills, window frames, and curtains may be swiftly removed by using the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner.


3. Clean the Windows

If you have a screen on your windows, rinse them after removal. Clean the baseboards, tracks, and casing by using a squeegee at the window. Blinds and shades may be vacuumed or cleaned with a moist microfiber cloth. Metal or vinyl blinds may be cleaned in a bathtub filled with warm, soapy water and a cup of white vinegar. Wash, rinse, and dry your blinds on the towel after then. Curtains, drapes, and valances may be vacuumed or cleaned. 


To remove dust from the blades, use a vacuum attachment.  Next, using a cloth moistened with all-purpose cleaner or wood polish, wipe the top, side, and bottom of each blade from the fan base to the fan tip. There is a switch on the side of the fan that you can flip to change the rotational direction—clockwise for winter, counterclockwise for summer.


5. Vacuum

Your vacuum will clean the carpeting, area rugs, ceiling fan blades, couch, and chairs. As a general rule, start cleaning above your head. First, remove any dust from the ceiling fan blades using an attachment. A thick coating of dust can gather on top of the blades where you can’t see it. Nothing should go without a vacuum. Use the attachment tool to clean the air vents outdoors. If you notice the air filter is dirty, now is the time to change it. To remove any cobwebs and dust, vacuum the areas where the walls and ceiling connect.


6. Mop and Sweep

The next step is to sweep the entire floor if your living room includes tile or wood planks as the hard flooring. For the most complete results, be sure to reach underneath the tables, the sofa, and the chairs. Typically, a mop that is only slightly moist should be used to clean wood planks. Overly wet conditions will harm the planks. Cleaning the floor with a dry microfiber mop is an alternative.


7. Pillows

If you don’t believe that you should wash your decorative pillows, reconsider. Couch pillows are utilized at least as frequently as pillows in your bedroom. Throw pillows should be cleaned often to prevent the growth of bacteria that might harm your family and visitors. If you’re lucky, you might have a washable pillowcase that you can throw in the washing with the rest of the stuff. However, certain ornate pillows need to be hand-washed. Before washing a pillow, carefully read the care label because every pillow is unique.


8. Lamps

A lamp that is dust-free does not always guarantee that it is germ-free. Do not stop cleaning your living room at the lamp base. Once the surface has been perfectly polished, immediately clean the lamp’s switch as well. Unplug the light, give it a safe disinfectant wipe, and let it air dry. Despite being little, this object can contain a lot of germs. This piece of hardware is handled by several hands every day, just like a door handle or a sink knob.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you maintain your home neat and orderly, it will be safe and risk-free. Dust and other allergens will be kept out of your home. Cleaning often keeps your home free of dust and produces a much better environment for your family, especially for anyone who has allergies.


How frequently should you clean up your area? Managing clutter for about 15 – 20 minutes each day is advised by experts. They then suggest setting aside extra time for a thorough cleaning once a week or twice a month, depending on the situation. There will need to be a thorough cleaning every 3 to 4 months.


Mop the floor in overlapping and start figuring motions, starting at the edge and moving inward. When the filthy side of the mop is seen, flip it over to the clean side. In order to avoid spreading the filth rather than getting rid of it, you should wash the mop in a bucket if it is stained on both sides.


Start by using your most delicate cleaning techniques, and only use more vigorous ones as necessary. Be knowledgeable enough about your materials to stop cleaning before you cause damage.



In conclusion, living room are prone to clutter and smudges. However, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of our living room because it is the first area where you can spend time with visitors, and also this is a the place where we mostly spend our time with out families. 



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