9 Guides on How to Clean and Arrange a Messy Home

Messy Home is one example of a little task that we occasionally ignore. This article will help you how to clean a messy house.

It is normal to have a messy home especially when you live with children, and you don’t have to stress too much about it. However, we must keep in mind to clean our house regularly by having a simple schedule to do that. Cleaning the house is one example of a little task that we occasionally ignore. In the past, Sundays were often reserved for household chores, but these days, we don’t have nearly as much spare time. It’s crucial to understand how to quickly clean a cluttered house in the chaos of our everyday life, and it would be good to have and maintain a tidy home. Although for some it may be simple, it can be challenging to maintain a tidy home in reality. In this article, we will discuss the 9 guides on how to clean and arrange a messy home as suggested by our professional cleaners from house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles. Come and read down below!


1. Create a Routine

Messy home should have a cleaning schedule for yourself is one approach to make the process simpler. Each week, designate set days or hours to clean and try to adhere to those times as strictly as you can. By doing this, you can maintain organization and make sure that cleaning doesn’t go neglected.


2. Get Rid of Trash

Eliminating waste and unwanted items is the first step towards organizing. Go through each area one at a time, placing recyclables in one bag and rubbish in another as you go. Include the cleaning out of refrigerators, cabinets, closets, and drawers in your session. Unopened bills, papers from school or work, and other objects that look significant or worth keeping should all be placed in one large box to check out later.


3. Make Your Bed

Making your bed may seem like a small gesture, but it makes a significant impact on how tidy and organized your bedroom seems. It also improves productivity. If necessary, replace the bedding with clean bedding, preferably every 2 weeks. The room will smell fresher with clean linens.


4. Clean Your Laundry

Start by gathering the filthy clothing off the ground. You may wash them while you continue to clean the house. Put the used clothes in a laundry box if you don’t have a washing machine to hide the obvious clutter. And once you’re done with the messy home cleaning, you may take the laundry to a laundromat.


5. Vacuum the Floor

Take out anything you don’t want or need while going through each area one at a time. This process can be challenging, especially if you are a collector or find it difficult to let go of items. Start by getting rid of something if you haven’t used it in over a year. This includes furniture, appliances, toys, electronics, clothing, and home goods. Donate usable stuff that you no longer need. Recycle, donate, or discard the remaining items. After then, use vacuums to clean the house, Vacuum the space you are cleaning with the vacuum cleaner you just grabbed. Try not to clean all the rooms at once. To avoid being overwhelmed and forgetting where you last cleaned, take gradual progress with this. Vacuum the floors properly to lessen and remove the mess completely.


6. Mop the floor

Mopping the floors is the next stage in house cleaning. After vacuuming the floor, we advise mopping it. This is so that mopping the floors would be simpler since the vacuum will remove the larger pieces of dirt and dust from the floor. Put some floor home cleaning detergent with fragrance in the mopping bucket if you want a scent while you clean. This will leave a good smell in your house.


7. Kitchen

Put plates, glasses, and silverware on specified shelves or drawers in the kitchen cabinets. To make it easier to see the labels on boxes and locate cans, arrange the items on the pantry shelves so they face the outside. Designate specific drawers for serving utensils, placemats, cookbooks, and other small objects. To organize those bills and mail, and also your to-do lists, you may put a hanging wall organizer. An organized kitchen will always leave a good impression on the entire house.


8. Bathroom

The old bottles and cosmetic products should be thrown away, and new items should be kept in a plastic tub beneath the sink. Assign a drawer to each family member for keeping personal necessities like toothbrushes, razors, and cosmetics. Place supplies like lotions, tissues, and toothpaste in a countertop corner next to the sink. If necessary, put glass cleaner on the mirrors and disinfecting cleaner to clean the sinks and countertops. Use a spray to clean the shower or bathtub. Use a toilet bowl cleaner that dissolves without any effort to clean the toilet. Flush after allowing it to bubble up in the toilet. While you are cleaning the bathroom, mop the floor. 


9. Pick Up Clutter

Use your empty laundry basket to collect clutter and misplaced objects now that it is empty. You can use a box or basket to gather things up if your laundry basket is still full. Start gathering goods that you don’t need right away. You may even establish a contribution box if you have the time. Don’t bother about arranging if you need to clean fast, simply gather everything and put it in your box.


Frequently Asked Question

Bathrooms and kitchens are examples of wet zones. It usually takes the longest to clean them. Therefore, when you clean your house, put them first. Dust everything after finishing.


Possessing a lot of things might make it difficult to declutter since having them helps you feel comfortable and secure. Also, it makes you feel like you have memories with you all the time. You begin to worry that you won’t have enough when you need it after removing and organizing your belongings. 


First, make your bed. It’s difficult to sense any progress while organizing a bedroom when the unmade bed is right there in front of you. Start by looking at your side tables. After removing it, place everything that was on them that didn’t belong there in your put-away container.


Every day or two, spills and waste are cleaned up on an as-needed basis. At least once every week should be spent vacuuming and mopping. Every three to six months, vacuum the carpet. At least once every week, you should tackle living rooms and bedrooms.



In conclusion, a messy home may make its occupants feel cramped and psychologically and physically overwhelmed. When things aren’t organized, it’s hard to find them when you need them, which can lead to harmful living situations. It’s important to organize your messy home and if you want to save time thinking about how to clean your home, Maggy Maid will help you. 



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