Appliances That You Forget to Clean

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If your House Cleaning weekend revolves around cooking breakfast and cleaning after it, doing the laundry, and vacuuming, then you probably have forgotten that you have other appliances existing in your house. Perhaps taking a moment to tend to neglected areas like organizing cluttered closets or wiping down, neglected surfaces could bring a sense of completeness to your cleaning routine. Remembering to check the filters on your HVAC system or giving your dishwasher a deep clean might reveal overlooked tasks that could improve your home’s functionality.

In this article by House Cleaning Los Angeles, we will tackle appliances that you often (or always) forget to clean.

1. Refrigerator

The main reason it stays uncleaned is that it is the most used appliance every day. Your only shield against your refrigerator smell is that box of odor-eliminator baking soda that you probably already forgot when you last changed it. Take this as a hint to overhaul your refrigerator and give it the House Cleaning it needs.

Start by emptying it all, sorting what to keep and whatnot, giving the shelves and bins a good scrubbing, and finishing it off with wiping all the fridge walls. You may try organizing the stuff inside. Return all food items inside and see the difference for yourself.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, you vacuum when House Cleaning. But have you remembered the last time you changed your vacuum dust bag? Because if you don’t, you aren’t cleaning your house with it; you’re just spreading dirt all over.

  • Vacuum bags are supposed to be changed once every six months or as often as needed. Just emptying it doesn’t guarantee it’s dirt-free.
  • Filters and debris cups should be washed in soapy water at least once a month – a House Cleaning pro from Irvine’s primary method.
  • Remove anything that’s tangled in the brush so your vacuum can function perfectly.

3. Coffee Maker

process of cleaning coffee pots

Starting your day with coffee that’s either burnt in taste or has coffee grime in it? It’s time you think that something is wrong with your coffee maker. It needs to be included in your House Cleaning task list. However, do know that the process of cleaning coffee pots varies, depending on what type you have. You may want to check your appliance’s cleaning instructions first before you try to clean it and end up damaging it.

4. Microwave

The fact that microwaves are being closed after every use means it’s prone to be a breeding ground for bacteria. Re-heating and not wiping after allows spills to stick around until it gets pretty stinky. Invest in microwaveable food covers to minimize spills and splatters. But aside from preventing it, microwaves deserve a spot in your House Cleaning routine.

  • Fill a bowl with water and put slices of lemon in it. Microwave for 3 minutes or until steam is created.
  • Dirt and grease should’ve been loosened by this time. Wipe dry after.

5. Range Hood or Ventilation Hood

These exhaust fans/grease filters a suitable appliances designed for practical use. It eliminates heat, humidity, odor, and grease from when you are cooking. The very reason why it should be cleaned regularly, but we forget often. A friendly reminder from House Cleaning Irvine: An exhaust filled with grease is a fire hazard.

However, amidst the hustle of daily life, maintaining this appliance might slip through the cracks. It’s essential to prioritize its upkeep to ensure both safety and efficiency in the kitchen. Ignoring regular cleaning not only poses a fire risk but also compromises air quality and the overall hygiene of the cooking environment. Take a proactive approach to safeguarding your home by incorporating regular maintenance of the exhaust fan/grease filter into your cleaning routine.

What disgusting surprises have you seen? Happy House Cleaning! I remember once finding a moldy sandwich hidden behind the couch cushions, which was truly revolting. It’s amazing how things can accumulate in the most unexpected places. Cleaning is like a treasure hunt, except instead of gold, you find forgotten snacks and dust bunnies.


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