Avoid Window Cleaning Mistakes

Avoid Window Cleaning Mistakes

Windows are vital components in homes because they enable natural light to enter, keep rooms well-ventilated, and provide residents with a view of their surroundings.

Furthermore, these fixtures improve the property’s beauty and curb appeal. Keeping your windows clean and hygienic is critical for maintaining high interior air quality and making your home seem welcoming and well-kept at all times.

Aside from using the proper cleaning solutions and techniques, avoid making the following blunders to achieve sparkling and dazzling windows. Follow this advice from House Cleaning experts in Los Angeles and examine it out.

House Cleaning: Avoid not cleaning from top to bottom. 

Often, homeowners and tenants do not apply the proper approach while washing windows, which causes them to spend longer than required to complete the work.

Professional House Cleaning cleaners always sanitize windows and other fixtures from top to bottom, ensuring impurities fall and preventing recontamination of cleaned surfaces. This method saves time, effort, and cleaning materials and can clean many surfaces and items in your home.

House Cleaning: Using abrasive tools for spot cleaning regularly.

Magic erasers, scouring pads, and other abrasive instruments can quickly remove tough stains, soap scum, and filth off glass surfaces. However, using them to clean window panes, frame handles, and other pieces regularly might cause more harm than good.

The use of such products regularly might result in scratches, swirls, chips, streaks, and markings. As a result, only use them when required and when you don’t have time to allow the window cleaner to do its work, said House Cleaning professionals cleaners. 

House Cleaning: Not allowing cleaners enough dwell time

After the required dwell time, most window cleaners may effectively sanitize surfaces. A product can take 5-10 minutes to remove stains, filth, and pollutants. You’ll have to use the product again and redo the process if you clean before the dwell time is over.

Leaving a cleaner on a surface for longer than necessary might cause it to dry out and become difficult to remove. Window surfaces damage if the cleaner contains strong chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, sodium hypochlorite, etc.

House Cleaning: Cleaning windows but not disinfecting

Most individuals merely clean their windows with cleaner and water, assuming that they are sanitizers. Washing the fixture removes dust, filth, and other physical impurities; it does not remove disease-causing bacteria.

You disinfect windows to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other harmful germs. After cleaning, disinfect the fixture with a disinfectant by wiping or spraying it.

Always clean before disinfecting, as the expert House Cleaning cleaners in Los Angeles advise. To avoid germs from lurking behind pollutants.

House Cleaning: On a Sunny Day, Cleaning Windows

When sanitizing windows, especially the panes, many house cleaners make the rookie error of doing it on a sunny day. The cleanser and water dry fast in the sun and heat, leaving water stains, streaks, and a milky residue. That’s according to House Cleaning specialists in Los Angeles.


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