Bathroom Chronicles and Top Cleaning Tips

We all like to use a clean bathroom. Maintaining filth, mold, and rust-prone space, on the other hand, can be difficult. However, it is critical to clean your bathroom since neglect can cause irreversible harm to your prized bathroom over time.

House Cleaning pros from Los Angeles believe that the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in one home. Thus, making it more prone to dirt accumulation.

From the bathroom walls, washroom tile grouting to the bathtub, shower basin to the toilets, and even beyond, cleaning the bathroom requires not just cleaning but also sanitization.

Also, according to the House Cleaning team from Los Angeles, you must be concentrated because it is vital to inspect your cleaning materials to avoid damaging any surfaces.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips:

Hygiene Observation is Must.

Bathrooms are typically a shared space. Thus mold and bacteria thrive in an environment that is moist and often used. Regular maintenance is one technique to limit the danger of contamination. Cold and flu season adds another degree of complication, which is why House Cleaning professionals advise us to pay even greater attention to our health and safety.

Begin with the most commonly used utility: the toilet bowl.

Before pouring it into the toilet bowl, combine half a cup of white vinegar or lemon juice with one scoop of baking soda.

Why does the House Cleaning team in Los Angeles promote it?

Both the vinegar and the lemon are acidic, and combining them with baking soda produces a reaction that will aid in the removal of any stains or streaks that have gathered within the bowl. Both work equally well, but the benefit of using lemon for the task is the pleasant aroma it left behind.

Cleaning Bathroom Walls, Both Dry and Wet.

First, the dry:

Removing dust and cobwebs from the surface.

In House Cleaning, always begin at the top and work your way down. Double-check if you have reached every corner.

Second, the wet

Using a cleaning product, clean the bathroom walls.

Using a sponge or a spray bottle, apply the cleaning solution (House Cleaning Team suggests Natural Cleaners) evenly across the entire surface. Allow it to sit according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it breaks down the filth. Then scrub the surface clean and thoroughly rinse it.

Toilet Brush Bath

Your know-how, over time, a puddle of unpleasant water forms at the bottom of your toilet brush holder, causing it to stink?. That is because your toilet brush is always working.

This item used for House Cleaning also requires a bath! After each use, be sure to clean it.

Here are some to-clean-list from House Cleaning Team you can use:
  • Remove items that are in the way of your House Cleaning.
  • Dust the entire bathroom, beginning at the top and working your way down.
  • Wash the walls.
  • Take care of the toilet.
  • Ensure that the tub and shower areas are clean.
  • Clean and replace the things that you relocated in step one.
  • Take care of the floor.

Now, always remember House Cleaning is all about consistency and commitment.

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