Better Looking Granite Floor and Marble Flooring

Better Looking Granite Floor and Marble Flooring

According to House Cleaning professionals in Los Angeles, marble and granite flooring are popular because they are beautiful, sturdy, and beautiful. They lend appeal to any building’s interior design. The House Cleaning pros in Los Angeles advise that maintaining such stone floors may be challenging due to their tendency to stain and absorb water.

According to House Cleaning experts in Los Angeles, it is essential to keep them sanitized and spot-free at all times, notably by renters who reside in rented buildings with marble and granite flooring. Do you want to learn how to clean hardwood flooring like a pro?

Below is a detailed approach written by House Cleaning specialists in Los Angeles, including information on which materials to use, sanitation procedures, and often more. What are the materials and tools needed to clean marble and granite floors?

It is vital to have the correct cleaning goods and instruments to clean like a House Cleaning expert. Below are a number of things you’ll need to sanitize stone flooring in any room at home.

  • Clear dishwashing liquid is preferred.
  • Sweeper and mop made of microfiber cloth
  • Pads of sponge
  • bucket of water
  • Essential oils of your preference
  • Soda (baking)
  • Cleanser and sanitizer that have been approved by (TGA).

Marks and Patches Must Be Removed

Shoes leave bumps and dirt areas on marble and granite floors. House Cleaning experts use a mixture of baking soda and water to remove stubborn stains. As the House Cleaning experts say, wipe along the direction of the grain rather than in a circular motion, as this may leave scratches and swirls.

Sweep and mop the floor

Dishwashing liquid is a fantastic cleaning remedy because it is pH balanced and will not harm sensitive stone floors. House cleaning experts utilize sanitizing solid chemicals. Afterward, when dry, mop the floors since letting the moisture dry on the marble and granite may discolor them.

Marble and granite floors must be steam cleaned.

According to House Cleaning experts, steam cleaning granite and marble floors extends shelf life, adds gloss, and disinfects surfaces better than standard cleaning. Steam cleaners kill bacteria to the touch and leave no residue. House cleaning experts use steam cleaners to sterilize business and residential premises.

Vinegar should not be used!

A note of warning to anyone sanitizing marble, granite, or other stone floors: never clean them with vinegar. This contains acetic acid, which damages labels and causes them to erode, discolor, and become ruined.

If you’re making homemade cleaners or hiring a professional cleaner to wipe marble and granite floors, ensure white vinegar isn’t one of the ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Marble and granite floors are beautiful, but they are challenging to keep fresh. On the other hand, preserving the marble tile will be a breeze with this guidance. Discovering the knowledge mentioned above is beneficial to homeowners and tenants since it allows them to maintain their flooring looking gorgeous and spotless on all occasions!


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