Cleaning Methods for Lunch Box and Backpack

housekeeping lunch box and back packs

Instead of taking lunch waste home, motivate your child to dump it at school to prevent waste from accumulating in the lunch box, such as uneaten food and empty sandwich bags. 

Make House Cleaning your backpack and lunchbox a frequent part of your tasks, the House Cleaning Los Angeles experts recommend. 

Even if your children are untidy, these House Cleaning methods from the House Cleaning pros of Los Angeles will help you keep their backpacks and lunch boxes clean, in good shape, and useful throughout the school year. 

Firstly, not all bags have similar designs. Although made of comparable materials, you should still examine the fabric care label for the House Cleaning instruction of cleaning the bag properly. 

Because various materials have various care requirements, ensure to read the label to avoid harming the bag. 


Use your House Cleaning stain remover of choice to pre-treat any stains ahead of time. Avoid using anything that can bleach. The House Cleaning Los Angeles team suggests using a homemade household cleaning version. Soak the bag in OxiClean for an hour or two before washing to eliminate stains and gooey globs. 

Machine Wash and Dry Hanging

Most items are machine washable, washing the fabric in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Check the care label instruction first. If the bag has any jewels or decals, they may come out in the wash. Thus, you may want to hand wash it if that is the case. Furthermore, if the backpack has several straps dangling off it, you may either displace and handwash or place them in a laundry bag or pillowcase to keep the straps at bay. 

If you cannot wash the schoolbag in the machine, you can hand wash it with warm water and dishwashing soap or laundry detergent. Then gently scour with a scrub brush to assist clean the rough material and eliminate stains. Do this House Cleaning method in a bathtub or a basin sink. 

Hang the backpack to dry after washing it. Avoid putting it in the dryer since the heat from the dryer can harm certain textiles. On that topic, additional House Cleaning points for extra deodorizing if you can hang the bag to dry in the sun! 

Taking Care of the Lunch Box 

The majority of lunch boxes are insulated lunch bags. These come with a plastic lining that makes regular household cleaning a breeze. You may wash the lunch bag in a moderate cycle with light detergent using the same “flip and clean” House Cleaning procedure.

Make a House Cleaning paste with baking soda and water and smear it liberally all over the inside of the insulated lunch bag. Remember to put the baking soda paste on the bag’s internal lid (if it has one). Set the lunch bag aside for at least an hour to enable the baking soda to kill odors. In fact, in some extreme House Cleaning instances, staying overnight might be an excellent idea, an expert in House Cleaning from Los Angeles advices. Rinse the baking soda with warm water in the morning.

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