Cost Of House Cleaning Services

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Do you have struggles finding time to relax or spend time with your loved ones? Well, you are not alone! Nearly half of 23-to-35-year-olds hire a house cleaner to improve work-life balance. They want to choose how they can spend their time rather than feeling obligated to clean all the time. That is why Maggy Maid professional maid services in Los Angeles will give us a glimpse regarding the cost of hiring a professional house cleaner for your homes.

Keep reading to find out why a house cleaning company is a better option for you and your household.

Cost of Maid Service

The cost of cleaning services varies on the location and size of your house.

The square footage of each room, as well as the number, determine the cost of the house cleaning services. The cost ranges from $0.05-to $0.25 per square foot. The hourly rate of maid cleaning services can range from $28-$85 per hour.

Depending on the house cleaner company, you can choose a variety of cleaning packages that will meet your needs and standards. You have full control of what you want to get cleaned.

Usually, weekly house cleaning is less expensive than a one-time or monthly cleaning, as the maid cleaning company needs to spend less time deep cleaning.

Maid services are given extensive and thorough background checks. This process ensures safety.

However, make sure the business is licensed and bonded, just like Maggy Maid professional maid services in Los Angeles. Bonding covers a broken or damaged and even stolen item. Insurance covers thehouse cleaner company from any accidents that can happen in your home.

Qualities to look in a cleaning services company

So you have decided to hire a house cleaning company. The house cleaner cost is a great investment. When you hire cleaning services, you let unknown individuals enter your homes. So you start by asking family or friends for recommendations. Their opinions will give you an idea of where to start looking.

A quality maid cleaning company should be willing to give you referrals from their previous or existing clients.

What to expect during cleaning services?

You can expect a house cleaning professional that is really committed to giving you the perfect spotless home that you always desire. A typical cleaning may include cleaning or sweeping floors, dusting some high and low spaces, and cleaning the kitchen sink, including the bathroom as well.

A special house cleaner will be a more thorough and detailed cleaning, including woodwork and molding, blinds, shutters, furniture polishing, and more! These cleaning services would be added to the standard house cleaning package.

Hiring cleaning services

Los Angeles Housekeeping Services say, hiring a house cleaner will remove the cleaning burden over your shoulder. It will also give you more time to enjoy your life with families and friends. Removing house cleaning responsibilities from your never-ending to-do list will reduce your stress and give you a more clean home.

A gift of time justifies the cost. Reduced stress means having more joy. You lead a busy life and you determine the cleaning services schedule that fits your lifestyle.

When it comes to house cleaning companies, there are many to choose from. Maggy Maid professional maid services in Los Angeles are always here to help. Get a free quote now. We’d like to help you!


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