DIY Cleaning Tips to Keep Some of Your Kitchen Countertops Shining

kitchen counter tops were sanitized by house cleaners

Your kitchen countertops should be looked shining all the time.

To make your countertops shine, you need to do some dry cleaning tips in House Cleaning that abet you achieve the desired shining of your kitchen countertops.

In this House Cleaning article from Los Angeles, you learn some dry cleaning tips in House cleaning that you need.

Marble, granite, soapstone, and wood are just examples of kitchen countertop options.

Each of them has their dry cleaning tips in House Cleaning to achieve their ultimate shining.

1. Marbel kitchen countertops.

  • The House Cleaning experts advise keeping away your pets. Because your pets can damagingly ruin the finishing of your marble kitchen countertop.
  • In addition to this House Cleaning tip, avoid placing sharp-edged objects on your marble countertop as these objects trigger unwanted damages.

2. Wood kitchen countertops.

  • To make your wood kitchen countertop shining, the dry cleaning tip in House Cleaning that you should do is to clean it with the nonabrasive cleaner. And a homemade mix of warm water with a splash of distilled white vinegar.
  • All pros in House Cleaning suggest not to hesitate to prepare the solution of hot water and distilled white vinegar. Use the microfiber cloths soaked in the solution, and afterward, gently wipe the wood countertops of your kitchen.
  • If there are stains, the House Cleaning team recommends applying some stain removers composed of lemon, salt, water, and vinegar.
  • Put some salts on the stains, slice a lemon, rub the salt, and rinse it with water and vinegar.
  • Moreover, use a suitable product for sealing wood kitchen countertops.

3. Granite kitchen countertops.

  • As you go to many housing residences, you may also observe kitchen countertops made of granites.
  • To make the granite kitchen countertops shine, you must clean them with the dry cleaning tip in House Cleaning that comprises the mixtures of warm water. And mild dish soap and a microfiber towel.
  •  The experts in House Cleaning suggest eluding abrasive or acidic cleaners. Which can strip the sealer and etch the stone of your granite kitchen countertops.
  • The paste of baking soda and water is an excellent remedy to remove the stains on the granite countertops.

4. Laminate kitchen countertops.

  • It is also possible that your kitchen countertop is laminated.
  • To make your laminate kitchen countertops shining, do not hesitate to use a clean cotton cloth with water and a mild, non-chemical liquid detergent.
  • The House Cleaning analysts in Los Angeles discovered, based on their research, that clean cotton cloth with water and a mild, non-chemical liquid detergent effectively makes your laminate kitchen countertops spotless.
  • Additionally to this House Cleaning tip, a paste of baking soda and water is your partner to remove the stain in your laminate kitchen countertops.

Now, you have learned dry cleaning tips to keep some of your kitchen countertops shining from the House Cleaning team in Los Angeles!

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