DIY Methods to Remove Water Stains from Wood with these 3 Surprising Steps | House Cleaning Tips from Los Angeles

Imagine having visitors at home, and you, being the best neighbor you can be, ask, “Would you like a glass of water or a cup of coffee/tea?”. They accepted the ice-cold glass of water and avoided the coaster you provided. In a snap, you get water stains on your wood. Don’t panic just yet. Water rings have surprisingly easy House Cleaning ways to remove them.

So, if you got a piece of furniture made of wood and you accidentally spilled coffee on it, don’t even think of selling it or throwing it. House Cleaning Los Angeles will reveal three surprising ways or steps on how to remove water stains from wood. Grab any of these simple House Cleaning products and start buffing out water stains.

Toothpaste doesn’t just do miraculous things for our teeth; they do miracles to House Cleaning problems, too, wood stains, for example! Head on to your bathroom, reach your medicine cabinet, and look for white, non-gel toothpaste. Push out a generous amount of toothpaste onto a clean rag and gently rub it onto the stained surface for a minute or more until it has completely disappeared. Wipe clean with a damp cloth, and you are worry-free.

Should this housekeeping tip not work, try mixing an equal part of baking soda onto the toothpaste. Rub onto the wood grain.

  • House Cleaning Reminder #1: Toothpaste can get rid of wood finish. Only buff around the water ring.
  • House Cleaning Reminder #2: Scrubbing very hard doesn’t guarantee a stain lift. It may only cause you more damage.

Salt is not just for cooking; it is also a House Cleaning solution to water stains. Mix salt with a few drops of water, enough to achieve a paste-like consistency. Rub gently using a clean cloth or a soft sponge and continue until the water ring is gone.

Should this House Cleaning tip not work, try mixing salt with olive oil instead of water. The salt shall be the moisture-absorber, while olive oil will feed the wood. Work your way around the water stain, leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes, and be surprised.

Mayonnaise isn’t just surprisingly good as a condiment; it’s a remarkably effective House Cleaning solution. The oil, lemon, and vinegar, in real mayo, is the cream of the crop as it’s the active ingredient in solving your water ring problems. Using a soft cloth, rub mayonnaise onto the water ring in circular motions. Apply more mayo or leave it on for as long as overnight until you see that the water stain is completely gone.

These three surprising hacks brought to you by House Cleaning Los Angeles may obliterate water stains or lighten them, making them less noticeable. Having it refinished by a professional is still the best and guaranteed way to eliminate water rings should all else fail.

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