Don’t Let the Flu Sneak Up on You

Don't Let the Flu Sneak Up on You

According to House Cleaning professionals in Los Angeles, the flu is a respiratory virus that affects many people each year, thus according to House Cleaning professionals in Los Angeles, anyone can contract the virus, producing mild to severe symptoms.

Flu virus symptoms, per the House Cleaning authorities in Los Angeles, include:

  • fever
  • An ache in the body
  • clogged nose
  • throat pain

According to House Cleaning specialists in Los Angeles, the risk of flu-related problems such as pneumonia is common in elderly persons, so knowing to secure yourself before and after contact with the virus is vital.

#1 – Large crowds should be avoided.

According to House Cleaning authorities, the risk of flu-related problems such as pneumonia increases in older persons. Wear a face mask or keep away from ill people if you have a weak immune system. The COVID-19 pandemic this year makes it even more critical to take safeguards. During the COVID-19 pandemic, avoiding big gatherings is vital. If you have a weak immune system during flu season, wear a face mask in public places. Keeping away from other people who are unwell and sneezing or sniffing, as advised by House Cleaning specialists, is another strategy to protect yourself.

#2 – Hands should be washed frequently.

The flu virus might dwell on hard surfaces, according to House Cleaning specialists. Therefore washing your hands is crucial. After using the restroom, constantly wash your hands. When soap and water aren’t available, carry a container of hand sanitizing gel with you to sanitize your hands throughout the day, per the House Cleaning specialists.

This should be done when you’ve been into an encounter with routinely touched items, such as:

  • door handles
  • dimmer switches
  • counters

According to House Cleaning specialists, the flu virus might spread through the air, but it can also infiltrate your body when sick hands touch your face. Use warm soapy water to wash your hands and rub them with it for at least 20 seconds. House Cleaning specialists advise rinsing your hands and drying them with a clean towel.

#3 – Boost your immune system.

The strategy to protect yourself from the flu is to strengthen your immune system. A healthy immune system aids your body’s natural defenses against infections. Sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours every night and keep a physically active regimen to boost resistance. Maintain a healthy, nutrient-dense diet as well.

#4 – Have a flu shot once a year.

You must receive the flu shot early season by late October at the latest. A high-dose flu vaccine includes four times the antigen of a standard flu shot. Vaccines against pneumococcal disease protect against pneumonia, meningitis, and other bloodstream diseases.

#5 – Surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected

Deep clean door handles, lighting fixtures, and other high-touch surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner multiple times every day. When someone in your household has the flu, protect your home clean to lower your chances of catching it.


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