Easy Cleaning Life with These Cleaning Hacks

house cleaning hacks

It sometimes feels like keeping a tidy house is a hopeless battle. After all, your home has many distinct surfaces, each of which attracts various types of messes. 

Clean more effectively and efficiently with these innovative House Cleaning ideas from the House Cleaning professionals of Los Angeles that employ unconventional tools and inventive House Cleaning techniques. These House Cleaning techniques can take the labor out of your to-do list by conserving time and energy. So, put these House Cleaning tips brought to you by House Cleaning Los Angeles in your bag of tricks and call your House Cleaning task done.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

We all have House Cleaning bursts, but planning ahead of time will make your House Cleaning hacks process go more smoothly. Wipe light switches, door frames, baseboards, and walls as you travel around the room, working in a circle rather than going back and forth from one thing to another. Keep a fluid motion about your house, and do not become distracted.


When talking about dirt-trapping, doormats are your best allies, so make sure to place one outside your house and one inside. This House Cleaning recommendation is most beneficial in the winter when your boots are snowy as you enter and leave your home. You have to ensure to clean the mats regularly, as dirty rugs add to your cleaning dilemma.

Use Olive Oil to Buff Surfaces

Olive oil has numerous nutritional advantages. It turns out that it can also assist you in your House Cleaning tasks.

Olive oil is an excellent cleaner for stainless steel pans, pots, and appliances. House Cleaning Los Angeles recommends using olive oil on a microfiber cloth in a circular motion to buff away any filthy spots.

Baking Soda to Clean Your Couch

Baking soda can aid break up any stains on the fabric and eliminate any lingering odors. Brush the surface of your couch clean, then spatter baking soda on the area to be cleaned. Give it twenty minutes to cool down before running your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment.

Cleaning Light Fixtures

Did you know that you may wash some light fixture components in the dishwasher? House Cleaning Los Angeles proposes putting detachable glass pieces, such as domes, in the dishwasher for this cleaning trick. Run a drying cycle as well to decrease stains on your light fixtures.

Sanitize Waste Disposals With Lemons

When garbage disposals stink, the stench can fill the entire kitchen. But who does not adore the aroma of freshly squeezed lemon? This hack enables you to inhale that energizing perfume at any moment. It does not get simpler than this. Is there a bonus? Your garbage disposal will not only smell nicer but will also perform better.

The Right Way to Vacuum

To retrieve all of the trapped dirt, vacuum your room horizontally first, then vertically. Gentle vacuuming is also essential to ensure that the vacuum gets up all of the dirt particles.

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