Effective Way to Clean and Organize Your Attic

A cleaning attic is typically an out-of-sight, out-of-mind section of a home unless it is used as an office, playroom, or guest room.

The attic is typically an out-of-sight, out-of-mind section of a home unless it is used as an office, playroom, or guest room. It shouldn’t be, though. Our living rooms are connected to both completed and unfinished attic spaces. The air quality of a home is impacted by even an empty, dusty attic, which is especially harmful to people with asthma and allergies. Attic doors, ceiling hatches, recessed lights, and HVAC systems, if they are positioned in the attic, allow allergens such as dust, mildew, and insect feces to enter your living areas. You can keep your family safe and healthy by learning how to properly clean an attic.


1. Gathering cleaning tools

Cleaning materials used for house cleaning services in Los Angeles

You should put on a filtration mask, gloves, and safety glasses before cleaning the attic. There will be a ton of dust and filth up there, as well as insulation and perhaps mold especially here in Los Angeles most of the houses do have attics. To clean your attic, you will require your vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan, and hand broom. If your attic lacks an outlet, be careful when extending extension wires from below to avoid falling or tripping. Bring a headlamp or work light with you as many attics lack enough lighting. You might also want to bring a step stool up to your attic if it is higher than your reach.


2. Empty the Attic


It is best to try to clear the entire room before starting the home cleaning procedure. This is so that no places are overlooked and the room can be cleaned more easily when it is empty. Although you will undoubtedly need a few helping hands to move the items kept in your attic, there is another method to go about attic cleaning if you don’t have access to any. Alternatively, you may arrange everything to one side and clean half the space at once. Before relocating items to the side of the room you just cleaned, you must, of course, wipe or properly clean each object.

3. Take on Dirt and Dust

Start by using your broom to sweep the walls, window frames, light fittings, and framing. To dust large pieces and furniture that is still in the attic, use a broom or vacuum. To remove dirt and dust from the attic floor’s cracks and crevices, use your hand broom to reach in there. Sweep the attic floor next, remove as many dirt mounds as you can, and then use your vacuum’s crevice tool to get into the spaces between the flooring pieces. Utilizing the hard flooring setting, you may vacuum the flooring. If your attic has windows, clean the glass and wash down the window frames using glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. The window coverings should be taken down and washed after the window screens. Carry your home cleaning supplies down and return everything to their proper places to complete your attic cleaning.


4. Do Inspections of your Attic

It’s time to inspect the attic for any issues now that the filth and dust have been removed. To inspect the attic floor and look for damaged or missing insulation, use a work light or flashlight. Check the closest insulation you can to look for mold and mildew first. For symptoms of a pest infestation, such as droppings or gnawed containers, look for excess dampness, insect damage, and excess moisture. You might want to contact a professional to fix any problems if you discover mold, moist insulation, or insect indicators. You may install more insulation or repair any that is lacking on your own, but unless you have a really strong sense of balance, think about hiring someone.

5. Clean the Floor

The floor will also have debris from the ceiling or from damaged objects in addition to the accumulated dust. Before you begin vacuuming, remove the larger pieces of material by hand as doing so might harm the machine.

Before using a broom to sweep the floor, use a vacuum to get rid of any dust. Efficiency may be greatly improved by using the proper vacuum head; this is especially true for corners, constrained areas, and difficult-to-reach crevices. Sweep up any last bits of dust and dirt from the floor, professional
house cleaning in Los Angeles save time when doing home cleaning by using the vacuum cleaner.


6. Remove Unwanted Items

After you’ve finished a deep cleaning through the objects in your attic, dispose of any undesired items that you set aside. The best course of action is to dispose of damaged or worn-out stuff and donate usable ones to charities. Maid service in Los Angeles makes sure the objects that need to be thrown away are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way

While it is reasonable to want to hang onto most things from the past, be honest with yourself about what you actually need and how it will help you, and then consider how much more someone else could need it. More storage space is made possible by clearing out your attic, which will aid in decluttering your home.


7. Reorganise Your Attic

It’s time to reorganize everything as neatly as you can after deep cleaning the attic and organizing all the minor objects into storage bins. Regularly used items should be kept in the room’s more accessible areas, while sentimental items and memories should be carefully placed in the room’s back boxes.

Spend some time efficiently organizing your recently cleaned attic so that you will have more space for storing goods in the future. This will also make it simpler to sometimes give the attic a quick brush and dust.

Frequently Asked Questions

While an attic may be cleaned using typical do-it-yourself techniques like a broom and vacuum, it is advised to let a professional team handle the cleaning so they can remove all filth from your house securely.


The attic and crawl area of your home should be cleaned and examined once a year, according to several experts. This includes cleaning up garbage and rodent/pest waste as well as evaluating the insulation, checking for mice or pests, checking to see if the roof or attic, or crawl space structure has been damaged, and looking for pests or rodents.


The following factors make attic cleaning crucial: Issues upstairs can significantly affect the structure of your house and your quality of life. Pests, odors, allergies, and blockages may all be removed to keep your home comfortable and secure for your family and pets.


Various dangerous chemicals and contaminants can be found in attic dust. These can range from mold spores and bacteria to lead and asbestos particles. If you come into direct touch with these particles, it may irritate your skin and create respiratory difficulties, allergy symptoms, and other health concerns.



Cleaning your attic more frequently can help you avoid the fear of having to perform three times as much labor as you would otherwise! For a better climate throughout the entire house, think about doing this chore at least twice or three times a year. Additionally, this can assist safeguard your property against unanticipated issues like bug infestations, and the growth of mold or dampness, for more cleaning services in Los Angeles and just contact us.

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