Find Joy In Breathing Clean Air

In hot weather, an air conditioner is a requirement for any House Cleaning specialists in Los Angeles, as it keeps inhabitants cool and comfortable. While most people consider air conditioner maintenance a complex undertaking, it is much easier than you think—and far more necessary.

Air conditioners work by filtering air and circulating coolants through many internal and external components, according to House Cleaning experts in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, dust, dirt, and grime accumulate on these components over time. The dust and debris build-up obstructs normal air movement and stresses the unit, reducing its life span by pushing it to work harder than usual. Dirty air conditioners are also harmful to your health since they promote indoor air quality and expose tenants to potentially damaging allergens.

These are a few DIY aircon cleaning tips provided by House Cleaning veterans in Los Angeles that will save you money and ensure your unit is in good working order.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The simplest approach to clean your property is to use a vacuum cleaner. This tip is from a House Cleaning specialist that has been in this line of work for decades. While this isn’t suitable for a deep clean, it’ll suffice for easy surface cleaning and is substantial for cleaning the system’s interior components without completely dismantling them.

Utilize the vacuum to pick the dirt from the ducts, filters, evaporator coils, pipes, and fans on the unit’s facade. The passage, in particular, demands special care because massive accumulations will necessitate a more complete cleaning by a House Cleaning professional.

Advised by House Cleaning Use an Air Compressor

According to House Cleaning experts, getting an air compressor with a nozzle at the end is a terrific alternative to utilizing a vacuum cleaner if you want to step up your DIY aircon cleaning game. Though a vacuum cleaner is more easily accessible, an air compressor will clean the interior components with greater precision, blowing away dirt and debris in difficult-to-reach regions.

Clean with Chemicals

Chemical cleaning, according to House Cleaning specialists, is the only way to remove corrosive material, filth, mildew, and other harmful gunk from the inside parts of your AC unit. Chemical cleaning is difficult since it necessitates disassembling the AC’s components and cleaning them one at a time by soaking them in a chemical solution. The more you clean your unit, the less filth it will accumulate and the less likely you will have to resort to chemical cleaning.

Change the Filter

Expert Advice from House Cleaning Professionals, Remove the case that covers the filter before cleaning it. Before washing it with a little soap and water, remove the filter and wipe the surface clean. Before reattaching the filter to the unit, make sure it is totally dry.

To save strain on your unit, replace the filter if the current one is worn out. According to House Cleaning experts, you should also invest in a quality filter, because simple filters can remove dust and bacteria, but higher quality filters can also eliminate allergens and other hazardous airborne toxins.

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