Foods That Can Be House Cleaning Products

Foods That Can Be House Cleaning Products

Can you handle any situation in your life? These basic property cleaning products are necessary for removing stains, spills, filth, grime, oil, and other contaminants. Whether you’re moving to a new property, preparing for your first home, or simply checking your present supplies. Having the right tools is critical for keeping your house clean—and making the process as simple as possible. And while no single magical object can manage everything, having these items on hand ensures that you’ll be ready should an issue come up. Keeping this in mind, here are the 5 must-have house cleaning items recommended by the top housekeeping Los Angeles for your home. 

1. White vinegar with a fragrance 

Los Angeles maid says white vinegar has extremely acidic properties. Vinegar may be used to house cleaning and sterilize various rough surfaces in your home. However, it should not be used on sandstone, such as granite. This is because the acid has the power to dissolve the silt in the rock and cause irreparable damage. To make this simple and effective treatment, combine a cup of water with a glass of white vinegar. 

2. Marble cleanser dishwashing detergent 

Because marble is a stone structure that should not be cleaned with acidic solutions, you must choose a delicate yet effective home cleaning solution. Marble counters may be cleaned safely with 2 drops of liquid warm water and two hot water and detergent cups. Rinse the counters with a clean, moist cloth after wiping them down with this solution. 

3. Deodorizer with baking soda 

To make a deodorizing House Cleaning paste, combine a quart of hot water with a few tablespoons of baking soda. It is safe to use on any stainless-steel surface, including the exteriors of your dishwasher, range, and oven. Always use a clean cloth to rub the glue in the direction of the metal’s grain. After that, the paste should be washed away. 

4. Fabric conditioner from scratch 

You can enjoy soft, dry clothes without spending money on expensive store-bought fabric softeners. 

Gently blend 2 cups of Suave hair conditioner, 3 cups white vinegar, and 6 cups water. Choose a hair conditioning scent that is appealing and light for the best results. 

5. Glass cleaner with vinegar and alcohol 

With this DIY house cleaning solution, you can simply clean and erase streaks from mirrors. In a spray bottle, combine 2 cups of water, a quarter cup of white vinegar, and a percentage point of denatured alcohol. If you want to enhance the aroma of the mixture, add a few drops of essential citrus or almond oil. Remember that certain basic home cleaning goods may not be necessary for your home. After all, getting granite cleaner if you don’t have any granite countertops is useless. Getting a paw washer if you don’t have a dog is pointless. 

If you are looking for the best housekeepers to do it, Maggy Maid – Housekeeping Los Angeles agency provides high-quality and affordable services.


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