Freezer Organization Tips

Freezer Organization Tips

With a bit of effort and foresight, we can help you up your freezer organization to avoid mishaps, and make your meal planning easy. That’s why we asked freezer experts from Maggy Maid Los Angeles to share some proven tips.

Learn From Our Freezer Organization and Optimization

Determine What Kind of Freezer You Have

There are different types of freezers, so identifying what kind you have will help you figure out which organizational method is going to work.

You might have a refrigerator with;

  • a top freezer
  • a drawer freezer on a french door refrigerator
  • a side-by-side freezer
  • or a standalone chest freezer.

You will also want to consider if your freezer requires to reach down for your items, such as a chest freezer, or if it is an upright freezer, you determine how to store your items. Most brand offers a variety of freezers that can help you keep your meals organized while fitting in with your kitchen layout and lifestyle.

Different Types of Freezers - Maggy Maid Los Angeles

Quick Tips for Each Type of Freezer:

Side-by-Side Freezer:

The door is going to be the warmest part in a side-by-side freezer, use it to store things like herbs, bread, nuts, flour, and ice packs and consider organizing it with small freezer-safe bins and containers.

Bottom Freezer:

In a bottom freezer, you’ll likely need to stack more items. Stacking items ensures that nothing is lost in the drawer. For instance, keep your chicken stacked on chicken and vegetables stacked on vegetables.

Top Freezer:

You can make the most of the space in your top freezer by creating your own drawers using bins and labeling them based on contents. You can even use magazine holders or file storage bins to create organizational systems and zones.

Chest Freezer:

Use bins of different sizes to create layers since chest freezers have depth. You can keep the items you use the most in the top layers and the items you might not use as often in the deeper layers. Label the containers to make it even easier to find what you are looking for.

Upright Freezer:

In an upright freezer, you can create zones to organize freezer shelves, so that each shelf has its own purpose. Use freezer-safe bins and containers to break down the zones to further categorize your items.

How to Organize Your Freezer? - Maggy Maid Los Angeles

Grouping and Separation of Items

Logic plays a key role to having freezer efficiency. In other words, think about the location when stowing away everything from pudding to ice cream to unique meal categories, like breakfast options.

We Recommend That You Freeze in Smaller Portions

To create more space in your freezer, and get a jump on meal planning, we suggest separating oversized bags into smaller portioned or meal-size bags when storing food. For sauces and liquids, allow the food to freeze flat in a plastic bag, then place it in a storage bin to prevent them from slipping out.

Always Keep an Inventory

Knowing what you have in your freezer will result in less excess food and less food waste. Taking and updating a freezer inventory is a great way to make sure that you always know what you have in your freezer.

Determine What You Already Have in Your Freezer

  • List it down. Using a board on the door or front of the freezer is a great idea
  • Include dates when it was purchased or the expiration date, if possible
  • When you grocery shop, update your inventory to reflect what was added
  • When you use an item, remove it from your inventory

Identify Which Items You Reach for Most

The next step to organize a freezer is determining what you reach for most and making those items accessible. If you have to move everything around in your freezer to get to the things you use most often, you will likely need to keep re-organizing. Determining which items you’d like to be able to access easily will make your freezer organization last longer and work to your benefit.

Use Freezer-friendly Bins and Storage Containers

A proven and effective way to maximize available space and stay organized is to use bins and storage containers. Putting your items in freezer baskets and containers helps you to categorize them because it breaks your freezer into zones. You need to use specific bins for vegetables, for ground beef, and for freezer-ready meals, and then further organize by keeping certain bins in areas based on their contents. Clearly label each bin with the category of items in it, including the expiration or purchase dates, if you want to be specific. You can use labels, or masking tape and a permanent marker works great, too.

If you have a top freezer, you can use bins to create drawers. Drawers make for easy access to things that are deeper in the freezer and will help you to utilize a top freezer’s depth efficiently. For side-by-side freezers, you can use skinny bins inside the doors to organize and utilize that space. For chest freezers, you can use a flat, wide storage container to create levels of storage and make use of all available space.

Organised Fridge by Expiration - Maggy Maid Los Angeles

Organize Food Items by Expiration Date

As you begin to figure out where items should go in the freezer, you need to consider the expiration dates and when you purchased them. By keeping items that expire sooner in a more visible location, you will be more likely to use them and less likely to have to dispose of foods due to expiration or freezer burn.

How do you organize a freezer without shelves?

To organize a freezer without shelves, use freezer-safe bins and organizers to sort items into categories and create layers, drawers, and sections. You can use things like magazine holders, file sorters, milk crates, or bins made for freezers.

Magazine holders and file sorters work well as drawers, while long, flat bins help maximize space by creating layers in the freezer. After creating zones and layers, label each bin and try to group similar items together for easy access.

How to Defrost Food?

How you thaw your foods can also affect taste and texture. “According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the best way to defrost anything is in the refrigerator overnight,” he says. While a microwave can quickly thaw foods, you must monitor it to compensate for any minor cooking that takes place.

Congratulations on taking the first step toward a more organized freezer! Start maintaining a tidy and efficient freezer that makes meal planning and preparation a breeze. Enjoy the benefits of a well-organized freezer, from reducing food waste to simplifying your daily cooking routine.

If you need expert home cleaning support, you can always count on Maggy Maid Los Angeles. Get your obligation free quote today.


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