Fuss About Folding Clothes in the “KonMari” Way

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If you’re interested in maximizing the efficiency of your house cleaning, you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and the “KonMari” method of folding clothes. Kondo has swept the social media “neat freak” niche with her one-of-a-kind techniques and guidance for housekeeping, organizing your home, and, notably, how to fold clothes. Los Angeles Cleaning lady shares the fuss about folding clother in KonMari way.

Difference Between the “Konmari” Method of Folding

Most of us are aware that the seemingly straightforward process of organizing a drawer can quickly escalate into a major headache on your house cleaning day if done incorrectly. You’re always seeking new ways to manage your clothes in your house cleaning routine so that they don’t become a tangled mess in a day or two.

The “KonMari” folding method excels in House Cleaning because it handles the problem in a very basic manner. When you fold your clothing in the “KonMari” style, each item stands up rather than lying flat. House Cleaning in Los Angeles says, this strategy allows you to see everything in the drawer. It lets you grab an article of clothing without removing anything else.

The “Konmari” Way of Folding T-Shirts

Imagine opening your t-shirt drawer one House Cleaning day and finding the one you want to wear without rummaging through a heap of other clothes. You can do this House Cleaning folding:

  1. Place the shirt face down on the table.
  2. Fold in the sleeve and bottom of the shirt until the shoulder is in line with the center of the neckline, then continue the fold down the center to the bottom.
  3. From the midline to the outer edge, fold the sleeve back.
  4. To make a long rectangle, repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side.
  5. Fold the shirt in half from top to bottom, leaving about an inch of space at the bottom.
  6. Fold in half again from the bottom to the top.
  7. When you repeat step 6 on a hard surface, the shirt will now stand erect.
  8. Fold the remainder of your t-shirts and place them upright in the drawer with your folded shirt. To keep the folded shirts in a tidy row from front to back in the drawer, try to keep the width of the folded shirts uniform.
  9. Take pleasure in your newfound organization.

The “Konmari” Method for Folding Underwear

  1. Put the underwear facing up on a flat surface.
  2. From the crotch to the waistline, fold the stem in half lengthwise.
  3. Fold the left side inside until it touches the inner edge of the right leg hole.
  4. Fold the right side of the underwear across to the left.
  5. Fold the apparel from the crotch side to the waistband once more.
  6. Standing upright, the item can now be placed in the drawer.

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