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housekeeping habits to start

People with good House Cleaning habits are happy people. Every day, they wake up with a positive and sunny outlook. They are delighted to accept surprise visits as they are confident that their house is clean, fresh, and inviting.

Establishing good housekeeping habits isn’t a one-day process. These House Cleaning tips from Los Angeles will help you get started with these six habits until it becomes a lifestyle.

1. Wipe every after use.

If you were cooking and accidentally spilled tea, wiping down after each use is a good House Cleaning habit. Wiping down kitchen counters after preparing dinner will keep your kitchen dirt-free. Wiping down spills immediately, regardless of the surface affected, will save you from permanent stains in the future. Fifteen minutes of wiping every day will save you an hour and a half on weekend House Cleaning.


The House Cleaning Los Angeles Team lives by the “Clean As You GO” practice. It will not only save you from the burden of general cleaning but will also keep your house looking clean and organized all day long. Get the whole household involved, even kids. They, too, can do simple House Cleaning tasks, such as stowing away toys or putting dirty clothes in the laundry bin.

3. Schedule fridge cleaning.

Often, the fridge is taken for granted when it comes to House Cleaning. However, since food items are stored there, it is of utmost importance to regularly clean them. Once a month, take everything out and give your fridge a good wipe — deodorize and disinfect.

4. Wash dishes every day.

It is understandable for busy people not to have enough time to do House Cleaning after meals. Though it is okay to leave it hanging around the sink at lunchtime, it is a must to wash it after dinner. Bugs, rats, or roaches may infest those while you are sleeping soundly. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to a clean kitchen and an empty sink. Set your morning mood right.

5. Assign an area for everything.

Shoes on the shoe rack by the door, toys in the toy bin, remotes in the remote holder, unused linens in the linen storage… these are but a few of the items lingering around the house. The moment you need it, you don’t know where it is. Keeping this habit gets you and your family living in an organized home. Easy living!

6. Make your bed first thing in the morning.

Before you hop on to a long day of work, start by leaving your bedroom looking fresh as you make your bed. Seeing it will set today’s productive mood. Plus, you’ll be tired after a long day, and you won’t be able to fix it before sleeping. Until you realize you are sleeping on that untidy bed forever.

A house is a home. It is where you live, and it speaks a lot about yourself. The cleanliness of your home solely depends on your House Cleaning habits.

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