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Cleaning is only one aspect of housekeeping. Los Angeles Cleaning Services say good house cleaning include keeping houses and workplaces clean and organized, keeping hallways and floors free of tripping hazards, and removing waste products and other fire dangers from work locations. Like many of us, our home is the safest place that gives us warmth, comfort, and security. However, people are frequently too exhausted thinking to consider how to avoid hazards or accidents after investing a significant amount of time, money, and effort in purchasing or renting a home. The truth is that the majority of home mishaps are easily avoidable, which is why it’s critical to take the necessary — and often relatively simple — precautions. This is particularly true for families with small children or elderly members. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a dangerous situation and realize it’s too late to act.

Home safety, like many other things, begins with awareness. This blog is intended to help homeowners, especially those that don’t hire cleaning services in Los Angeles, in identifying and reducing hazards in their homes. We’ll go through the top home dangers, how to make your home safer, household pollutants, and the threats that children and the elderly face.

Although awareness alone will not keep your family safe, it will help you begin started. Once you’ve learned about the numerous home risks and how to avoid them, you may devote time and effort to making your home safer even without hiring cleaning services in Los Angeles.

Falls and Slips

When it comes to home accidents, falls are the main cause of mortality. They account for a third of all deaths. This type of accident has the greatest impact on the elderly. Aside from fatalities, the difficulties that arise when an elderly person falls are even more serious. While younger people can break bones, an elderly person’s broken bone is a significantly more serious condition in terms of recovery. Hip fractures are a severe problem, especially for older people over 75, and can result in long-term care and mobility issues.

During cleaning, house cleaners are also prone to falls and slips if not done safely and properly. Poor lighting in areas such as near stairs, and locations that can get slick, such as your bathroom and kitchen, can lead to accidents.

How to prevent it:

  • Have a housekeeping routine and be aware of rugs or loose carpet, clutter, and power cords.
  • If you have a regular house cleaner or maid, have them Keep the flooring dry, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Install enough lighting in your home. A major fall hazard is dim lighting.
  • Install safety gates at the bottom and top of staircases to prevent children from tumbling down them.
  • If your flooring is smooth, you might even want to wear rubber-soled shoes or bare feet throughout the house; socks could put you at risk of falling.

Suffocation, Choking, and Strangulation

In your house, toddlers and small children are at risk of suffocation, choking, and strangulation. Food that hasn’t been properly prepared can be dangerous for kids. Aside from food, there are items in your home that could be hazardous, including wires and small toys.

How to prevent it:

  • Strings, cables, and ropes should be kept out of reach of children. Pay special attention to curtains with cords, and make sure cribs and beds are not in close proximity to this strangling hazard.
  • During housekeeping, keep garbage bags and other hazardous bags away from kids.
  • Regularly inspect the ground for small objects that children could choke on, such as toy pieces, hard foods, pebbles, and jewelry, or have somebody to do it like your maid.
  • Children should not be given peanuts, seeds, popcorn, chewing gum, entire grapes, or hard candy.
  • Install child-resistant locks on airtight places like refrigerators to prevent a child from crawling in and becoming trapped.
  • Cribs with a safe slat distance should be used (the distance between bars).

Fire Hazards

Home fires can be extremely harmful, not just to your house but also to you and your family. Make sure your house has working smoke alarms that are tested on a regular basis, as well as a fire plan with safety practices in place. Some of the leading causes of house fires and injuries are cooking fires, electricity, smoking, and candles.

How to prevent it:

  • Get rid of combustible items like old cartons and paper.
  • Maids should never be left cooking unattended.
  • Maintain any fireplaces and chimneys with professional inspections or Los Angeles housekeeping services that do it, on a regular basis.
  • If you discover frayed or loose wires, evaluate electrical systems and seek the help of an electrician.
  • Smoke detectors should be installed in the kitchen, bedrooms, and basement.
  • Test your alarm once a month and replace the batteries every two years.
  • Consider a smoke-detection home security system. This will not only sound an alert like a regular smoke detector, but it will also notify the local fire department for assistance.


Poisoning can happen to anyone at any age. Because they get into cleaning supplies and other harmful household materials, younger children are more vulnerable. They take too many vitamins and medicines since they are not administered under adult supervision. House cleaning and maintenance materials, pharmaceuticals, and gasoline are among the household goods that might cause poisoning.

How to prevent it:

  • Avoid putting chemicals or petrol in bottles that could be misconstrued for anything drinkable, such as a soft drink bottle, when storing these items.
  • Before using insecticides during house cleaning, in a room, get all family members and pets out of the room.
  • Medicines and vitamins should be kept out of reach of youngsters. Place items away from the reach of children, such as on worktops or tables.
  • Keep stray or spare batteries out of reach since they can cause poisoning and choking. Take extra precautions with button batteries, which children enjoy putting in their noses, ears, and mouths.
  • Before leaving the kitchen, turn off any gas stoves.

Home safety and security is an important aspect of homeownership. You owe it to yourself and those who reside in and visit your house to take the responsibility seriously and deal with potential hazards before they arise.

It’s impossible to assume that you’ll be able to remove every single hazard from your home, especially if you’re doing it alone. On many levels, it’s simply not feasible. Nonetheless, your goal should be to reduce the risks as much as possible. You may hire experts to regularly clean, organize, and maintain a healthy and safe home by hiring maid services in Los Angeles.

When you consider all of the efforts it takes to think about the potential risks in your home and all of the time it takes to take care of them, the responsibility of home safety can be a drag. This, of course, is in addition to the time and effort required to keep up with your mortgage, bills, insurance, general cleaning, and family routines. If you are a busy bee and have no time to do all this, Los Angeles Cleaning Services offer this for you. We will be more than happy to help!


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