House Cleaning Activities that Expecting Mommies Can and Cannot Do

Carrying a new baby inside your womb necessitates extreme caution. The tasks you do can affect your health and that of your baby. When you are pregnant, you must be aware of the House Cleaning activities you can engage in and cannot do. 

Several House Cleaning activities are safe to take part in, while there are also those that you have to avoid doing at all costs. It is vital to be aware of your body. Avoid doing any task that causes fatigue or unwellness, and devise a timetable that accommodates rest and work. 

The House Cleaning experts of  Los Angeles have compiled several household activities that expecting mothers should avoid on such crucial days and what they can do. 


Cat Litter Boxes Are Off Limits  

Your adorable cats can carry the parasite obtained via uncooked meat, rats, and other animals. It can spread to you if you touch the cat’s feces and even result in an infection that can lead to pregnancy complications, including miscarriage. 

Request that your partner or another willing adult member of your family change the litter box daily. If no one is willing to help, make a careful change. Wear your gloves, then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water right after getting rid of them. 

Vacuuming and mopping  

Sciatica, a painful irritation of the sciatic nerve that extends from the lower back down the entire leg, can be worsened by mopping and vacuuming. The House Cleaning duties that need you to lean forward at an angle might aggravate your condition, warned by the House Cleaning professionals of  Los Angeles. 

Carrying large objects or moving furniture  

You have to avoid any cleaning task that requires lifting a heavy thing or moving a heavy object after your first trimester. Back strain and injury can occur as an effect of performing these House Cleaning tasks. Because of hormonal changes during pregnancy, the tough tissues in your joints and pelvic floor weaken, making you more prone to injury.  


  • Vegetable cutting and cleaning is a simple task that you may tackle quickly. Most women are accustomed to cutting vegetables while standing. However, the House Cleaning  Los AngelesTeam recommends pregnant women pull up a chair and sit while doing so.  
  • With creativity, you can sweep and mop as well. Choose brooms and mops with long handles to evade having to bend too much. Pregnancy adds to the tension by causing weight increase and a minor shift in the body’s center of gravity, putting a strain on the expecting mother doing the chore’s body and exacerbating the sciatic nerve. 
  • According to House Cleaning  Los Angeles, only expectant mothers with access to green or eco-friendly House Cleaning solutions should attempt to clean the showers, bathrooms, and toilets. Avoid using harsh, chemical-based House Cleaning products. House Cleaning products, such as white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda, are beneficial, affordable, and safe to use during pregnancy.

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