Tips on How to Clean Curtains and Drapes.

Tips on how to clean curtains and drapes from house cleaning irvine

According to a House Cleaning specialist in Los Angeles, the terms curtains and drapes (also known as draperies) are often used interchangeably, and both refer to textile panels that hang from rods and cover windows. But what distinguishes drapes is that they have a lining to hide the light and typically hang from ceiling to floor.

Both curtains and drapes should be cleaned regularly, according to the professionals at House Cleaning in Los Angeles. Every two weeks is a good start, but if they’re hanging in a bedroom or someone in your family has allergies (or both), a weekly once-over is even better. It’s recommended to give the panels a few shakes outside first to run over them with a clothes brush, whether you opt to wash or vacuum them.

Vacuuming and dusting drapes

You can use a handheld vacuum or the upholstery nozzle on your standard vacuum to start at the top and work your way down, using short strokes. It is best to use the lowest suction setting while cleaning sensitive fabrics, advised by a House Cleaning expert, a home appliance firm based in Suzhou. Over time, this will assist to protect the material. According to experts in House Cleaning.

Wiping also works.

In a hurry? Worried about destroying decorative elements like beading? “In a pinch, you may just wipe the curtains with a clean, dry microfiber cloth – the main thing is to remove the dust,” explained by experts in House Cleaning from Los Angeles.

How to Clean Drapes

Determine the type of material.

Cotton, linen, velvet, silk, and polyester blends are just a few of the textiles available for drapes. If the care label is still on, start there to check if they may be machine washed as part of your regular House Cleaning task. If your curtains were custom-made, you need to contact the seller for more information on ways to clean them. House Cleaning pros may recommend steam cleaning, hand washing, or dry cleaning instead in some circumstances. Contacting a local professional drapery is also an option for House Cleaning, especially if the drapes or curtains have any visible water spots or other stains on them.

If you want to be extra careful, choose the delicate cycle.

You can wash drapes by hand using cool water and the delicate cycle if you’re doing it by hand. Fabric can disintegrate over time due to the sun’s rays.

Dry carefully.

Line-dry your drapes instead of placing them in the dryer to further protect them and avoid shrinking. However, avoid drying delicate clothing on an outside clothesline since high winds can create snags and tears. If they’re wrinkled, use a heated iron or a garment steamer to smooth them out before rehanging. Because heat from the dryer could be harmful to your clothes, House Cleaning professionals suggest you check their tags or packaging for care instructions.


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