House Cleaning Hacks for Germ Reduction in the Kitchen 

House Cleaning Hacks for Germ Reduction in the Kitchen

The House Cleaning professionals in Los Angeles understand that, whether you’re a budding home cook or not, you probably spend a significant amount of time in your kitchen cleaning. Therefore, you may believe that you have mastered kitchen organization and cleaning as a result of this experience. It’s likely that you’re already aware that paring knives, countertops, and dish sponges are all potential germ sources. Several regions, on the other hand, may take you by surprise.

The House Cleaning pros of Los Angeles give a few things to note in your tips for a complete get rid of the germs in your kitchen.

Crisper for vegetables

Fruit and veggies are healthy for you, but the fridge’s crisper drawers are one of the best spots to discover bacteria in the kitchen, as guided by the House Cleaning team. Salmonella and Listeria could be found in the produce bins. They can also harbor yeast and mold, in addition to bacteria.

Tips from the House Cleaning guide to decrease germs in the kitchen include cleaning out your fridge and washing the bins in warm soapy water. Clean up crisper drawer knobs once a day with a clean microfiber cloth.

Bakery Bin and Meat Section

It’s no secret that raw meat can transmit bacteria into the kitchen, but most people nevertheless keep it in their refrigerators. Those lunch sausages, too, require a home. Meat cabinets, such as the crisper, can be contaminated with Salmonella, yeast, and mold. The famed E. coli bacteria can also grow in these compartments, as recommended by the House Cleaning teams of Los Angeles.

Gaskets for Blenders and Can Openers

When producing that post-run protein drink, disassemble your blender so every little piece of it can be cleaned in hot soapy water. The same is true for the can opener, except for the disassembly. Unless the product’s instructions specify otherwise, both of these items can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Before reconstructing or storing blender components or can openers, ensure they’re completely dry as advised by the House Cleaning geniuses.

Spatulas Made of Rubber

These simple yet miraculous culinary items make life a whole lot less complicated. However, rubber spatulas have the potential to introduce harmful microorganisms into your cooking environment. One of the ingredients in the grandmother’s pound sponge cake was not included in the House Cleaning workers’ recommendations: the bacteria found in the spatula.

Rubber-Sealed Food Storage Bottles

Glass or plastic storage jars with silicone closures that keep food locked in are a significant investment, as said by House Cleaning teams. However, something dreadful could be lurking beneath those airtight seals. Salmonella, yeast, and mold are just a few microscopic organisms. And you think your colleagues were raiding your office fridge for snacks.

Microorganisms are unavoidable, but by understanding where most germs are concentrated and cleaning properly, you can reduce the likelihood of illness spreading throughout your home and family. According to the House Cleaning Gurus, you will remain healthy after you have cleaned up your kitchen.


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