How to Clean a House Before Moving In

How to Clean a House Before Moving In


Moving into a new house is a dream come true for everyone. The exciting feeling of moving-in into your newly bought house with your hard-earned money is a great feeling. However, it needs thorough cleaning after all of the work. It’s good to experience the freshness of your new house since you want to eliminate any bad ambiance and smell of the construction and the individuals who lived there while it was being built. 

In this post, we have included some home cleaning suggestions and instructions before you move into your new house in order to move in properly without hassle and stress. These are the recommended tips on How to Clean a House Before Moving In of our professional workers from house cleaning agencies in the Los Angeles area who have been cleaning new houses for years.


The Best Time to do a Move-In Cleaning

A thorough move-in cleaning is essential since every homeowner wants their new home to be perfect. Combining the day and cleaning procedure into your hectic schedule may be challenging because moving may take a lot of time. However, in some situations, it could be challenging to decide when to clean.

For instance, if you decide to renovate, dust will be produced, and you will need to clean everything once more. Additionally, before cleaning thoroughly, make sure that all plumbing and electrical are working properly. On the other hand, you should reconsider starting to clean early if you won’t be moving anytime soon. When the property is ready, you’ll need to re-clean it because vacant homes accumulate dust.

Clearing Out the Space

The first cleaning rule is to empty the space. Start by removing all unnecessary objects that will get in the way before you begin a home cleaning. Before you begin cleaning, dispose of any residual building materials, drills, misplaced nails, empty boxes, and paint cans. Clean first before putting in the furniture.

Keeping out Your Cleaning Supplies

As part of the cleaning rules, store all of your cleaning supplies in one location in your new house before and after cleaning. It will be much easier if you can maintain and store all of your cleaning goods in one box or tray as you walk around the house with all of the things you require. You won’t be wasting time hunting for the cleaning supplies you need, and you’ll be able to clean up correctly in the shortest amount of time.

Cleaning the Whole Area

Cleaning the entire house rather than just certain rooms for spot cleaning is part of the cleaning guideline. It is also preferable to pick which cleaning technique to perform first, such as cleaning, vacuuming, or wiping the entire house and rooms.


Use a Pest Control

Having unwanted visitors such as pests, cockroaches, and termites is indeed stressful and disgusting. Ensure that you and your families are the only ones moving into your new house. It is a good idea to hire a pest control nearby. In Los Angeles, expect to pay between $100 and $300 per treatment and you can just do the treatment yearly or every 6 months. In addition, make sure to seal holes for any insects, and spray to deter future uninvited house invaders.


Cleaning the Cabinets and Drawers

Whether the house is fully furnished or simply has a few designed pieces of furniture, this is the time to clean out all of the empty cupboards and drawers. Because a little coating of dust is to be expected, the easiest approach to clean it is using a slightly moist microfiber cloth.


Clean the Kitchen Appliances

If your new house already contains kitchen equipment, Before you do a deep cleaning you should inspect them and make sure they are clean. Look for grease streaks in the oven and spills in the refrigerator. Even if the former owners cleaned up after themselves, there may be filth on concealed portions of your equipment, such as the fridge rubber cover or the filter.



Bathroom cleaning is about sanitizing as much as it is about having clean surfaces. Detergent and a sponge are all you need for the first scrubbing, then use an antibacterial spray to remove any remaining germs. Replace the toilet seats as possible. This is to ensure the most effective technique to guarantee they’re completely clean. Moreover, don’t forget to clean the unexpected spots that you would overlook on a regular bathroom cleaning day. Along with the typical suspects, clean and sterilize the toilet roll holder, electrical switches, sinks, and door knobs.


Mirrors and Glasses

Cleaning your mirror and glasses, as these are also locations that are more likely to get cleaned. Get professional cleaners from Maggy Maid to do it properly because some pure cleaning materials may cause damage to the mirrors and windows even without proper tools, and because these places are difficult to reach or too high, you may need a professional instead of doing it yourself, which may cause you harm.


The floors should always be cleaned last no matter what method you choose so that you don’t walk all over them and stain them while cleaning the rest of the house. A professional floor cleaning is advised since carpets in particular hide so much dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens.


Frequently Asked Questions

The first cleaning rule is to empty the space. Start by removing all unnecessary objects that will get in the way before you begin home cleaning. 

Cleaning the entire house rather than just certain rooms for spot cleaning is part of the cleaning guideline. It is also preferable to pick which cleaning technique to perform first, such as cleaning, vacuuming, or wiping the entire house and rooms.

One of the ways to clean and disinfect is by using pest control, To make certain that just you and your family are moving into your new home. seal holes for any insects, and spray to prevent future uninvited house invaders is a good idea by using pest control.

  1. Cleaning the Cabinets and Drawers 
  2. Cleaning the Kitchen Appliances
  3. Cleaning the Bathroom
  4. Wiping Mirrors and Glasses
  5. Cleaning the floors


In conclusion, cleaning a newly built house or a newly turnover home is stressful and exhausting. But these provided tips, it can somehow make your move-in easier and lighter since it could help you sort things that needed to be done first. It is important to clean your home before moving in to ensure the safeness and cleanliness of your house and your things. Maggy Maid provides professional cleaners for move-in and move-out to lessen your stress and help you out with all the work. After doing a deep cleaning, you may bring your belongings in and make them your own. While a move-in deep cleaning is time-consuming, the results will make you feel much better in your new home. Should you wish to hire cleaning services so that you can concentrate on settling into your new home, Maggy Maid will love to help you. Contact us today at (888) 624-4962.



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