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How to clean Balcony, Balcony Cleaning, Whink Rust Stain Remover

A balcony is a place where we spent most of our time to get some fresh air, and it is essential for them to be cleaned as well. Like any other part of your home, the balcony needs proper upkeep, cleaning, and careful care. You still need to clean it whether or not you frequently use your balcony. The dust and dirt from the outside have a tendency to collect and remain on concrete surfaces, especially in the fabric of your patio/balcony furniture. Although cleaning your balcony could seem like a challenging task, it’s actually simpler than it seems. Getting rid of the rust stain and dirt will make a huge impact, even if you might not see the results as quickly as you would on the inside. In this article on how to clean balcony clean and bright, we will help you to maintain and keep your balcony clean, as recommended by our professional cleaners from house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles. 

Take Out Everything

First thing first, clearing out unnecessary stuff from your balcony is not only a crucial first step before cleaning, but it’s also advice for maintaining its cleanliness. Due to a shortage of storage space, individuals frequently keep stuff on their balconies. And, this is not a good idea. Additionally, occasionally individuals simply forget to clean them up or don’t bother. Clear whatever you can off your balcony if you’re getting ready to clean. Bring in any light, portable furnishings you may have as well. Once you’re done with home cleaning and the surfaces have dried, you may return any required goods that belong there. If your balcony has floor coverings of any sort, such as mats, rubber covers, or resin layers, be sure to remove them completely before cleaning the area to be sure that the floorings will be cleaned properly.

Sweep the Dust

Now, this is the next step, you may start cleaning up your balcony once everything has been removed from it. Sweeping the floors is the first thing to do while cleaning. Although dust, leaves, and other waste might be hard to see, cleaning a balcony starts with a floor that is free of clutter. If you haven’t swept the floor of your balcony in a while, there can be a lot of dust and trash there. Make careful to sweep completely, and repeat as necessary.

Use a Mop

The water in the mop can remove tough dirt that your broom was unable to remove. Add a little amount of detergent or mopping solution to a gallon of warm water. Clean the rails or walls surrounding your balcony with your sponge. After that, use your cleaning solution to mop the floor as you move from the balcony’s perimeter to its center. Take note that if you don’t have a mop, you can clean the balcony floor using a sponge. If want much better strength for tough stains, scrub the dirt off with a stiff-bristled brush for greater scrubbing strength. Additionally, always be aware of anyone whose balcony is immediately beneath yours since water dripping off your balcony might flow down and pollute their balcony. We do not want to bring hassle to people around us.

Whink Rust Stain Remover

Moisture on metal may cause rust to develop around balcony railings, doors, and any other metal surfaces you might have on your balcony. These surfaces are prone to developing rust stains during humid summer or fall months, and especially during winter months when the snow doesn’t melt fully. Applying laundry detergent to the whink rust stains will help you get rid of them if you want to make cleaning more affordable. Use a sponge to apply the detergent, let it set for about an hour, and then scrub it clean with warm water.

Use a Degreaser

In order to remove grease and oil from hard surfaces, cleaning agents called degreasers are used. Degreasers are a potent cleaning solution that may be used to remove any type of grime, including grease, oil, and dirt. Degreasers are useful for a variety of cleaning tasks. In addition, for home cleaning, your balcony commercial degreaser is one of the balcony cleanser must-haves if you have food grease or oil grease stains on the concrete of your balcony or patio floors. These goods always come with instructions on the container. Similarly to that, they may be found in the cleansers area of any home hardware shop.

Bleach for Mold

On contact, bleach destroys mold and stops it from growing again. To protect yourself from the bleach, put on some gloves, a mask, and safety glasses. Fill a spray bottle or bucket with an equal mixture of bleach and water. After applying the solution to the stain, wait 10 minutes or 15 minutes before removing it. After that, remove the stains with a stiff-bristled brush. Take note that never combines cleaning solutions containing ammonia or detergents containing chlorine bleach because hazardous fumes may be created. Make a few tests before doing the application. Before applying bleach to the stains on your balcony, spot-test it there to ensure that it won’t damage the concrete. For the amount of bleach, we suggest using just as much bleach solution as you need to avoid killing plants or flowers on your balcony.


Rinse with Clean Water

Clean water will help in cleaning to put out all of the dirt and cleaner residue. Simply spray your balcony with a hose to clean it if you have access to one. If there isn’t a hose close to your balcony, then fill a bucket with some fresh water and wash the floor to remove any debris. Take note to also consider the other household if you have one around you. You can use a mop and bucket only and before using the mop, wring it out to prevent water from dripping onto the lower balcony.

Frequently Asked Questions

At least once or twice a year, or more frequently as needed. In order to keep your outside space as fresh as possible, your balcony needs to be cleaned. Even while it might not require as frequent cleaning as indoors, it’s important to do it once each month to maintain everything organized. The deck and balcony surface especially drains and gutters must be cleaned to eliminate leaves and other debris, it also avoids clogging, and minimize the risk of water buildup issues.

Yes. Vinegar is safe to use on most surfaces, although it is unlikely to be successful in removing mold from soft surfaces. Simply spray vinegar on the moldy area then waits one hour. After that, rinse the area well with water and let the surface dry. Within a few hours, any odor ought to disappear.

To get rid of the rust on your balcony you can do by applying detergent. Brushing the floors is the first thing to do while cleaning. Although metal, railing, and other waste might be hard to see, a clean balcony starts with a floor that is free of clutter. If you haven’t brush the floor of your balcony in a while, there can be a lot of rust and trash there. Make careful to sweep completely, and repeat as necessary. This is the tips for whink rust stain remover. 

The balcony helps to increase the amount of living space and activities available in a home without a yard or grass. The balcony is sometimes somewhat recessed in apartment buildings to give both sunlight and protection, and it also provides us with fresh air.


In conclusion, cleaning a balcony is not a difficult task, especially if the area is properly decluttered and any objects was removed to give a way for proper cleaning. You’ll clean more thoroughly if you start in an empty space. Despite the fact that many people question how to do it, you can still figure out how to clean balcony properly. In order to keep your outside space as fresh as possible, your balcony needs to be cleaned and you can use the whink rust stain remover tips from our team . Even while it might not require as frequent cleaning as indoors, it’s important to do it once each month to maintain everything organized. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, to take your neighbor’s flat into account. Remember as well to avoid the edges. Avoid sweeping the dirt over the balcony’s edge and cleaning the rust stain. The balcony below is then covered in dust as a result of this with the recommendation of House Cleaning Los Angeles of Maggy Maid. 


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