How to Prevent Common Cleaning Mistakes

How to Prevent Common Cleaning Mistakes It's simple to go through your house cleaning process when it's time to freshen up your house but we must be aware of cleaning mistakes.

It’s simple to go through your regular house cleaning process unconsciously when it’s time to freshen up your house. While it may seem natural, some cleaning procedures may be more harmful than helpful. Furthermore, if you leave bacteria, dust, and filth around, you will eventually have additional work. Moreover, slow down while you complete your to-do list and think about how your methods may be modified for better outcomes. In this article, we have gathered a list of how to prevent common cleaning mistakes. Follow these changes for a safer, more efficient routine, and avoid these cleaning blunders that might make your house dirtier as suggested by our professional cleaners from house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles.

1. Don’t Use Dirty Tools/Equipment

The quality of your cleaning process depends on the materials you utilize. Make sure your cleaning supplies are in good condition before you start to prevent contaminating other areas of the house with dust, filth, and bacteria. Regularly wash mop heads, scrub brushes, cleaning cloths, and other contaminated goods, such as toilet brushes, and disinfect them after every use. For best results, empty your vacuum as soon as it fills up and change or wash the filter often.

2. Prevent Having Excessive Water On Mop

It is a must to prevent using excessive water while mopping the floors. If you are not aware of possible results, it could be the cause of darkened, water-stained, warped, and damaged wood flooring due to too much-wet mopping of hardwood floors. To prevent this, be sure to wipe the floors you’ve just cleaned with a dry towel or take every precaution to remove extra water as you can while cleaning. Additionally, leave windows or doors open to quicken the drying of the floor.

3. Remove Dirt Before Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same things, and understanding the difference will improve your common cleaning mistakes. While disinfection requires chemicals to really kill the germs, cleaning can remove them physically from a surface. Cleaning is a crucial initial step since the disinfectant won’t be able to efficiently target the bacteria if the surface is covered with dust or other debris. Make sure the surface is clean and clear of dirt before using the disinfecting spray so the chemicals can work.

4. Clean Your Windows

Any window cleaner that drips down the frame can turn into a dirty liquid if you ignore it to clear the dust off your frames. This may be easily resolved with a vacuum or microfiber cloth. Not cleaning your windows and window frame properly is one of the common cleaning mistakes we have to be aware of. 

5. Don’t Scrub Your Walls Too Much

Spot cleaning your walls is already enough if it’s not totally required to do scrubbing as it may affect the paint and quality. Avoid using a rough brush to clean your painted walls if your children have decided to write on them. You can end up damaging the plaster below or perhaps removing part of the paint. Scrubbing lightly is fine and good if that is what your wall really needs, and we may suggest using a non-abrasive sponge on one small part of the marks. Alternately, soaking the stain with a solution of baking soda and warm water should begin to remove it, in this way, you can also save money at same time.

6. Don’t Use the Same Cloth

It can seem more economical to use the same cleaning cloth around your house, but doing it always is not an ideal way and it’s one of the common cleaning mistakes that people usually do. By doing this method, you are just literally spreading dirt and germs from one area to another. For instance, you definitely don’t want bacteria from your restroom to land on your kitchen countertops. We suggest choosing different clothes for cleaning to use in various rooms and washing them frequently. Use one disposable wipe for each house cleaning task if you’re using them.

7. Clean Your Vacuum

Using a dirty vacuum while cleaning won’t be effective enough to do its job. After each usage, clean any hair, fluff, or string off the brush rollers of your vacuum to keep it operating properly. You should also check the hoses for obstructions such as little toys and hair elastics. Additionally, you should wash the filters and empty the dust canisters at least once a month. For models that utilize bags, you should change the bag when it is two-thirds full rather than waiting until it is about to burst.

8. Prevent Spraying Electronics

While it’s crucial to keep our computers clean, pouring a cleaning solution straight onto electrical equipment or LED screen might cause damage. Always spray onto a towel and wipe the substance away to safeguard your pricey things. It is important to know that you must never spray any cleaning solutions directly into your laptop, phone, or any other electronic device or gadget. Any moisture getting inside electronics may cause them to malfunction, damage, or worst-case scenario, it might explode.

9. Clean Your Appliances

Appliances like washing machines and dishwashers are made to clean things, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be cleaned manually. In fact, those appliances are the ones we should maintain most especially their cleanliness. Food residue and particles can accumulate in your dishwasher if you don’t regularly clean it, giving it a sour smell that is not pleasant. Also, clean your washing machine to improve its performance rather than wasting time and water by sending everything through a second wash cycle. Out tip to clean and deodorize is by using white vinegar in a cup and put on the compartment. Moreover, you may order these cleaning tablets for your washing machine on Amazon to remove any residue that may be present.

10. Change the Sponge Frequently

Kitchen sponges are among the grossest home objects that need to be replaced since they are frequently moist, warm, and likely to have food residue on them, which makes them a haven for germs. In other words, when you clean off benches with an old sponge, you’re really spreading bacteria throughout your kitchen so it is a must to have them replaced frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning is important because it helps prevent hazardous bacteria and viruses from spreading within your home by removing any dust, dirt, or germs, and also protects your children from viruses. 

Maintaining proper personal hygiene is one of the best ways to avoid infectious diseases including COVID-19, the flu, and colds. You may avoid becoming sick by washing your hands with soap to get rid of any bacteria. By maintaining good personal hygiene, you can prevent spreading illnesses to other people.

Cleanse surfaces and equipment using a cleaning solution first, then rinse. Then, if necessary, rinse them with new, clean water after disinfecting them with the appropriate disinfectant solution.

If you use too much cleaning solution, it might oversaturate cleaning tools like microfiber cloths and cause stains.


In conclusion, most people don’t find cleaning to be enjoyable, but if you do it well, it may speed up the process and make things a little bit simpler. We’ve compiled the common cleaning mistakes you should avoid at all costs to help you improve your skills. In this way, cleaning will be more effective and more efficient.


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