How to Remove Scuff Marks from Your Floor

house cleaning services that help remove scuff marks

What are scuff marks? Anything that has hard rubber underneath, when it hits any flooring surface – causes scuff marks. And they are very common. We cause scuff marks: on heels, rubber soles of shoes, ladders, furniture legs, and so on. Simply by moving or dragging around furniture when House Cleaning can scuff your floors.

What you should do depends on the kind of flooring you have, says the House Cleaning experts in Los Angeles. Take a look at these House Cleaning solutions for each type of floor and get that spotless appearance back. Those shoes look good on you, walk on them and worry about your flooring no more.

How to remove scuff marks from hardwood floors?

Eraser – Probably the most straightforward House Cleaning tip you’ll get. Go over your kid’s bag, and you’ll see a rubber eraser in their pencil case. Use that to erase the mark. It’s a simple yet surprisingly effective trick that saves time and frustration. Plus, involving your kids in the cleaning process can teach them responsibility and help them develop good habits for the future.

Tennis Ball – Not all homes do have tennis balls, yet they’re surprisingly effective. But, tennis balls are a House Cleaning go-to tool against scuff marks, proving their versatility. Using a dirty tennis ball, though, will worsen your floor situation, defeating the purpose of cleaning. So, make sure you use a clean one to maintain your surfaces’ pristine condition.

  1. Make a hole in the tennis ball and cut a small “X.”
  2. Attach it to your broom’s handle
  3. Rub onto the scuff mark until it’s no longer visible

How to remove scuff marks from laminate floors?

House cleaning laminated wooden floor

Baking soda and water paste – This is a House Cleaning hack from Los Angeles’ go-to cleaning solution. For those struggling to keep their homes tidy amidst busy schedules, this hack offers a lifesaving shortcut. With its simple yet effective approach, maintaining a pristine living space becomes effortlessly achievable.

  1. Gradually put water over baking soda to achieve a paste-like consistency.
  2. Using a clean cloth, preferably microfiber, gently scrub the mixture onto the mark until it is no longer visible.
  3. Get rid of the paste residue using a damp cloth.
  4. Wipe dry with a clean cloth

Vinegar, warm water, and rubbing alcohol – Keeping this solution in a spray bottle may come in handy to instantly clean up after spills, stains, and scuff marks. Plus, it provides a convenient way to maintain cleanliness in high-traffic areas. Additionally, having it readily accessible can streamline household chores and promote a tidy environment effortlessly.

  1. Mix equal parts of vinegar, water, and rubbing alcohol and move it to a spray bottle.
  2. Spritz around.
  3. Use a dry cloth for application onto the scuff mark.

How to remove scuff marks from vinyl or linoleum floors?

Remove scuff marks from vinyl or linoleum floors

Magic eraser – A House Cleaning favorite. It works like magic! It effortlessly transforms messy spaces into pristine sanctuaries, leaving behind a trail of satisfaction and admiration. Its simplicity belies its effectiveness, making each cleaning session a delightful experience.

  1. Moisten a clean magic eraser and wring out excess water
  2. Gently scrub off the scuff mark

Baby oil – An alternative solvent for this stubborn problem is WD-40, which can penetrate and loosen tough residues effectively. But, before resorting to harsh chemicals, you might want to try the baby oil trick first, as it’s known for its gentle yet effective cleaning properties. Additionally, testing a small area first can help ensure compatibility and avoid any potential damage to the surface.

  1. Allow a few drops of baby oil to sit for 5 to 10 minutes to the scuff mark
  2. Using a clean and dry cloth, wipe the oil away, and your scuff mark should’ve gone away too

The House Cleaning Los Angeles team suggests doing House Cleaning regularly. Sweeping or vacuuming daily will remove unnecessary debris sitting on the floor; that, when in contact with the floor, may cause a scuff mark. Remember this: the longer residue, stain, or dirt stays, the more challenging it is to be removed and cleaned.






















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