How To Wash and Clean Your Wool Clothes Properly?

How To Wash and Clean Your Wool Clothes Properly Wool is one of the most durable and natural fabrics in the world. It is also very expensive, so it is important to clean your wool clothes.

Wool apparel is cozy, stylish, and ideal for the current season. Anyone who has ever owned a wool sweater, however, is aware of how difficult it can be to maintain and clean wool clothes. Even though wool is the most durable natural fabric, it is also the most delicate. Wool clothes are an excellent choice for winter wear, but they can be difficult to care for. In Los Angeles, wool can be bought in bulk and wool scarves and coats are popular during the cold season. The problem with cleaning wool clothes is that it can be a bit tricky. But don’t worry. This article will help you wash and clean your wool clothes in a way that will keep them fresh and looking good. In this article, we are going to share with you tips on how to wash and clean wool clothes to ensure that they last as long as possible. In addition, we will also be discussing some of the different ways to store your wool clothes. 


What is wool?

Know the benefits of using wool as a clothes

The hair of numerous species, including sheep, yak, Angora goat, camel, and others, is used to make wool. Although most people think of sheep when they hear the word “wool,” there are really many different kinds of wool that are produced from animals other than sheep. Animal hair is harvested and spun into yarn by producers to make wool. Wool is a natural fiber that is incredibly durable and soft. It’s also very versatile. Wool can be woven into sweaters, gloves, and scarves. It can also be knitted into shawls, coats, and socks. Wool is a great and eco-friendly option for clothing.  


Wool Benefits for Skin

Know the benefits of wearing wool to your skin.

Your skin will remain hydrated but not damp thanks to wool’s ability to absorb moisture from the skin and release it back into the air. Your skin will stay hydrated but won’t become sweaty or greasy if you wear wool scarves, caps, and base layers made of superfine wool. Wool is a natural fiber and it is very breathable. This means that it will help keep your body cool and will not cause sweating. This is why it is a very popular fabric for cold weather. Wool is also a natural insulator, this means that it will help keep your body warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool also has a lot of natural oils in it. These oils help to keep your clothing and skin healthy. The fact that wool is toxin-free and won’t harm your health in any way is its primary and most important health advantage. Additionally, it is a natural anti-microbial, making it extremely beneficial to anyone’s health.


How Often Should You Wash Wool?

Cleaning wool clothes when absolutely necessary to ensure a longer lifespan. Unlike other fabrics, the self-regulating fibers don’t require as frequent laundering. You would need to wash them if it totally gets dirty and has intense stains on them. Otherwise, it is important to know that it’s not like any other type of fabric that must be washed all the time, or else you will end up destroying the quality.

Cleaning and Washing

Cleaning and washing wool properly

Firstly, check the wool first if there are stains that need to be removed. Spot-clean those stains with cold water and mild soap. Remove pet hair and lint. Follow the care instructions when washing your wool sweaters for the best results. Wool is a natural fiber that is made from the fibers of sheep’s, goat’s, or rabbit’s hair. It is very durable and has many practical applications. However, it is also very sensitive to heat, chemicals, and other factors which can result in discoloration, pilling, and a variety of other problems. To avoid these problems, it is important to wash and clean your wool clothes properly. Wool clothes should be washed with cold water and a little soap. Moreover, clothes should not be washed in hot water and they should be washed at the same temperature as the weather or in freezing temperatures. To do so, simply use a wool detergent and add it to a basin with cold water then submerge the wool, and allow it to be fully absorbed by the soap. Let it soak and rinse until there is no soapy residue. To dry the wool, put them on a flat surface with no direct sunlight and do not just hang them since it may give a stretch to the wool. 


Using a Washing Machine

Washing wool clothes using the washing machine

If you’re gonna use a washing machine, make sure that the wool settings should be used to wash wool clothing. If you don’t see it from the option, usually it’s a mild cycle at 40°C. Use the cold water wash or delicates wash cycle if your washing machine does not include a wool cycle. For the detergent, we recommend using a gentle detergent that is Woolmark-approved. To check it, look for the Woolmark symbol in your wool item. 


Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning your wool clothing Dry cleaning is so gentle that it can help sweaters last for years after you first buy them. Wool sweaters should be taken to dry cleaners to get rid of stains. Moreover, dry cleaning preserves the quality of your clothing fibers, protects against the loss of buttons, sequins, and other decorations, and gently cleans and dries your wool sweaters. In fact, the provided thorough house cleaning services in Los Angeles usually comes with dry cleaning can help restore the sheen of fabrics and make them appear as good as new.  

Storing Properly

Know how to properly storing your wool cloathing

Wool is one of the most durable and natural fabrics in the world. It is also very expensive, so it is important to make sure that your wool clothes are properly taken care most especially if you’re not going to use them anymore. By the time that winter ends, we must be extra careful of storing them until next winter. Wool is a favorite food of moths, usually, they put holes in the wool. Invest in a moth-resistant garment bag, then place it on a wooden hanger so that it can be stored in your wardrobe. The coat should be kept in a cool location with a consistent temperature. Choose a spot in your house for storage where the coat won’t be subjected to extremely hot or cold weather. Wool fibers can be harmed by extremely high or low temperatures. You may, for instance, tuck the coat under your bed or in your bedroom’s closet.


Frequently Asked Questions

To maintain a longer lifespan, only wash wool clothing when absolutely essential. The self-regulating fibers don’t need to be laundered as frequently as other fabrics do. In the event that they become completely filthy and have noticeable stains, you must wash them. Wool and durable synthetic blends, on the other hand, are resilient and can be worn up to five times before you need to determine whether to wash it.


Wool shrinks as a result of this when washed in hot water so it is important to remember to simply avoid washing it in extremely hot water if you don’t want it to shrink. Wool clothing should always be hand washed in cold water.


Wool is more prone to stretching if you soak it for an excessively lengthy time when washing it. Fibers can relax and stretch after soaking, which is fantastic if you’re attempting to stretch out a shrinking object but not the best for something you want to keep the same. Additionally, hanging your wool to dry will increase the chances of stretching. So if you don’t want them to be stretched, you must dry them on a flat surface.


Yes, if the wool can be hand washed, you should always wash wool in cold water using a gentle detergent made specifically for wool. If you have machine-washable goods, you can use wool washing liquid and cool, mild cycles to wash clothes with a low wool content. We advise using a mild, Woolmark-approved detergent for the washing. Look for the Woolmark logo on your wool item to verify it.



In conclusion, there are a few different washing methods that you can use to wash your wool clothes. The method you use will depend on the type of wool that you have. If you have natural wool, you can wash it in a machine or by hand. If you have blended wool, you will need to wash it by hand. It is important to wash your wool clothes by hand when you are first getting them as this will help the wools to relax. It will also help to prevent the wool from becoming tangled. Wool is a durable fabric that can be used for many things. It is also a natural fiber that can be washed in the same way as cotton or silk. But wool has a few special considerations when it comes to washing and cleaning. If you are looking to take good care of your wool clothes, you need to make sure that they are washed in the correct way. This will keep them looking their best and will also keep them from shrinking or felting. 



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