Lifting Candle Wax from Various Surfaces is that Easy

house cleaning services lift candle wax easily

The brightness of burning candles creates a joyful ambiance over the holidays, but the drips and puddles of wax they may leave behind are not. Candles give a pleasant, comfortable light to your living or dining area and may quickly improve the ambiance in your house. Spilled wax that adheres to your tables, on the other hand, is not the aesthetic you’re looking for, especially after that wax begins to accumulate pet hair and dust during the House Cleaning. So here’s how to remove candle wax off any surface for good given by the House Cleaning professionals of Los Angeles, without damaging your furniture or ruining your walls.

1. Wood

The House Cleaning team in Los Angeles suggested that when taking wax from wood in House Cleaning, initially solidify the wax with a block of ice, then gently scrape it off with an outdated credit or debit card or a plastic spatula. Remove any remaining residue with a soft cloth and creamy furniture wax.

2. Flooring made of vinyl

Immerse the area in hot water for a few minutes, then wash away the wax with a dry towel. Continue until the wax is gone, then use a multifunctional House Cleaning cleaner.

3. Carpet

Scrape away any excess wax. Apply a wet, lint-free white cloth over the wax and heat on moderate heat; the wax will cling to the fabric. To eliminate the residual, use rubbing ethanol. Alternatively, use an ice pack to freeze the wax, then break the frozen clump with a blunt item, such as the handle of a kitchen tool. Before the fragments soften, vacuum them up during the House Cleaning.

4. Glass

Scratch away the excess wax in your House Cleaning, then add heat with a hairdryer set to high, wiping out the wax with a cloth as it softens. To eliminate the residue, wash the area with hot water and soap.

5. Linens and fabric furnishings

Scrape away as much wax as possible with a thin butter knife. Spread the linen between two plain paper bags; if working on furniture, top the area with a bag, and iron on medium heat until the wax transfers to the bag. Repeat with more bags as required. Solubilized alcohol should be used to remove any remaining color stains.

6. Furniture made with leather

When doing the House Cleaning, quickly pass a blow dryer over the surface to reheat the wax without burning the leather. Scrape the wax with a dry cloth, then use a leather nail polish remover or a wet cloth with mild soap to remove the residual and protect the leather from drying out.

Maintaining your entire home clean, on the other hand, is another story. If you’re having difficulties keeping up with a daily House Cleaning routine, don’t be hesitant to seek assistance. The House Cleaning specialists of Los Angeles can do the cleaning so you can spend your time doing things you actually like.

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