Make Old Wood Furniture Look New

Make Old Wood Furniture Look New

According to the House Cleaning specialists in Los Angeles, every house contains furniture constructed or enhanced with wood. Because wood is a natural element, it adds warmth and versatility to practically any design style. Since wood is durable and easy to maintain, the House Cleaning experts in Los Angeles recommend adequately polished to maintain its elegance.

When Should Wood Furniture Be Cleaned?

According to House Cleaning connoisseurs in Los Angeles, fresh produce spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. The wood will darken and deform if you use too much liquid, and the finish will become murky. Once a week, dust your wood furniture to eliminate minute particles that can ruin the finish. Once a month, the House Cleaning squad in Los Angeles recommends using your favorite furniture polish to give it a sparkle and to smooth out any minor blemishes.

Maintaining Wood Furniture Regularly 

01 | Spills must be cleaned up.

House Cleaning experts recommend blotting liquid spills and condensation from drinks as quickly as possible with a paper towel or soft cloth. Soak a towel in plain water for sticky messes and wring it out until it’s only slightly damp. The House Cleaning experts suggest that you wipe up the spill and buff the wood with a dry microfiber cloth to restore the luster.

02 |Dust daily 

House cleaning professionals recommend dusting with a microfiber cloth or a disposable electrostatic duster like Swiffer. Ensure provide the thighs, armrests, and other wood parts of the furniture. The House Cleaning experts suggest buffing the surfaces with a soft cotton towel to remove smudges and produce a shine after dusting.

03 | Heavy Grime Must Be Removed

According to House Cleaning experts, if the wood has been stored or mistreated, create a solution of one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to three quarts of fluid. House Cleaning experts recommend dipping a sponge or soft cloth into the solution and wringing it until it is only slightly damp.

Polishing Wood Furniture Thoroughly

Too much shine or varnish on wood furniture can make it appear foggy or dark. There are various options for getting rid of it. Start with the gentlest approach possible to protect the hardwood, then advance to more challenging ways if necessary.

01 | Make use of black tea.

Tea’s antioxidants, or anthocyanins, might help to remove waxy build-up on wood. Wring out the towel and rewet it with the tea mixture, then dry it out again and keep cleaning. Accomplish by polishing each scrubbed area to a gloss with a microfiber sponge.

02 | Mineral Spirits for Cleaning

Mineral spirits are an oil condensate used to spread oil-based paints, clear marks, coatings, and soften oil-based varnishes. When using the product, always use protective gloves and equipment and operate in a well-ventilated area—Polish your hardwood with a light, clean cloth to finish.


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