Makeup Stain Remover Techniques

Makeup Stain Remover Techniques

The House Cleaning key to makeup stain remover is to spot what type of stain it is. The House Cleaning professionals of Los Angeles will go over the most reliable House Cleaning means of removing makeup. The most excellent stain removers are not usually anything fancy—they are the usual House Cleaning solutions you already have beneath your kitchen sink. 

Read on for more efficient House Cleaning makeup stain elimination techniques from clothing and sheets brought to you by the House Cleaning experts of Los Angeles.

Stain Removal Solution

  • Make use of a Makeup Wipe

Makeup wipes are not just for your face, but you can use them to eliminate makeup from your clothes. Grab one wipe and gently pat or clean the cosmetic spot until it dissolves. 

  • Alcohol for Rubbing 

Rub the makeup stain using a cotton ball or the tip of a washcloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Because alcohol can break down oily and waxy spots, rubbing alcohol is particularly good at eliminating lipstick stains. 

  • Shaving Cream No. 3 

Who knew shaving cream could help you in your House Cleaning journey of stain removal? Squirt two of the stain to dry for ten minutes. The cream will dissolve the discoloration during this period. Extract the shaving cream with cold water after ten minutes. 

Various Types of Makeup Stains Remover and House Cleaning Solutions

  • Lipstick 

Because most lipsticks are oil-based, eliminating the stain using an oil-based House Cleaning approach is likely. Blot the stain using a tissue to eliminate any extra color applied with a grease-fighting liquid soap, like dishwashing soap. After that, spray the spot with clean water but do not let it sink in. Apply a drop of soap on the stain and leave it to sit for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, work the soap into the stain with a clean terry cloth towel in circular motions from the outer borders to the center. End by dabbing the fabric’s section clean with a dry microfiber cloth, and repeat the process if you have not entirely removed the stain.

Alternatively, you can eliminate the discoloration with regular old-fashioned rubbing alcohol. Wet a microfiber cloth or cotton ball in water and dab it on the stain until it disappears. Although this may take a little longer, the results are just as good. 

  • Foundation Spots 

Treat stains on your face caused by liquid and cream makeup with a clarifying House Cleaning solution, such as liquid soap, shaving cream, or dish detergent, which can cut through the oils in these products. Blot with a clean microfiber cloth to lift the pigment. Adding a small amount of alcohol to the stain may be beneficial for persistent stains. 

  • Powder Stains

Take a breather before brushing the stain away. Instead, blow on it and then use a hair or hand dryer to eliminate any excess. If the stain persists, use a cotton ball to dab a little makeup remover onto the blemish. The longer a discoloration lies, the less probable it would come out, especially if you have already washed and dried it.


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