Means of Keeping the Annoying Ants Away

keepas the ants away by maid service

There are various House Cleaning means for ants and nests removal from your property. Some of these are natural House Cleaning alternatives that will not pollute your environment with chemicals or toxins. 

The House Cleaning professionals of Los Angeles will provide you with some of the safest natural House Cleaning techniques to kill and repel ants. 

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Ants in the House? 

The most frequent cause for contacting a professional pest control business is ant infestations. It is challenging to eliminate ants in your home. The first step in getting rid of ants is to inspect your home and yard thoroughly. 

A thorough examination should disclose the type of ant you are dealing with, along with the location of the nest. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the ideal areas to start an ant examination, but you will probably end up outside as well. 


Combine equal parts Borax and corn syrup to create a colony-killing bait. With a small piece of cardboard, smear the House Cleaning mixture. Corn syrup is a favorite of ants, and when they eat it, the Borax eliminates them. 


According to House Cleaning specialists in Los Angeles, chalk is one of the home antidotes for ant issues. Drench some powdered chalk in the regions to draw a chalk line across the entrance. To keep ants out away, draw chalk lines to stop them from entering. While it is unclear why this line blocks the ants from entering the house, using chalk is undeniably efficient.

Liquid Detergent and Glass Cleaner 

Spray-on glass cleaning combined with liquid detergent or dishwashing soap can help keep ants out of your house, accomplished by erasing the fragrant pheromone trail they leave behind when walking. 

Combine the ingredients and spray in areas where ants appear to swarm or originate. After diffusing, rub clean the exterior to leave a dull residue. 

Ground Coffee 

Do you fancy a cup of coffee? If that is the case, make a House Cleaning habit of scattering spent coffee grounds in your garden and around your home as recommended by the experts in House Cleaning in Los Angeles.

The aroma emitted by the grounds repels ants. Thus, they are excellent House Cleaning pest controllers. Coffee grounds, which are high in minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and phosphate, are beneficial to your garden soil. 

Keeping Ants Away: House Cleaning Tips

Seal All Entry Points

Thus, you have to caulk and seal any cracks or exposed crevices in doors and windows.

Keep The Goodies Hidden

The most likely invaders are black garden ants. Keep food in airtight containers or securely wrapped in foil or plastic wrap, especially honey, maple syrup, and sugar. 

Carry Out Your Responsibilities

Clean your counters, floors, cabinets, and pantries regularly, as here is where crumbs are most prone to hide. Maintain appropriate storage of your pet’s food between feedings and clean pet bowls regularly. 

Discard The Garbage

Make sure to cover your trash cans and inspect them after taking out the rubbish for any leftover residue.

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