Organizing Divas – House Cleaning Trick for Your Linen Closet

house cleaning tricks for linen closet

We’d all desire to have a linen closet worthy of a home decorating magazine, however despite our right intentions, these spaces often now become junk drawer equivalents for anything bed and bath-related, according to House Cleaning specialists in Los Angeles.

But fear not: according to House Cleaning authorities in Los Angeles, you can wave goodbye to your teetering stacks of towels and mounds of hastily folded sheets with a bit of inventiveness and innovation.

Here are six easy steps to organizing the linen closet of your dreams, as recommended by House Cleaning experts in Los Angeles.

1. Get rid of any linens that aren’t necessary.

Be truthful with yourself of how often you genuinely use your cheetah-print towels or the soft lime green linens you acquired while you were in a “bold color” phase, according to House Cleaning critics in Los Angeles.

You most likely don’t use at least half of what you keep in your valuable closet space. Instead of trying to find a home for the awful flowered towel set you adored five years ago, House Cleaning experts recommend donating it.

2. Line the shelves of your linen closet. 

According to House Cleaning experts, This straightforward preventative approach goes a long way in protecting the quality of your linens. To avoid permanently harming your sheets, cover your shelves with liner. Certain wood and melamine shelves might cause fading or discoloration over time. You can choose for something utilitarian and straightforward or something patterned and gorgeous – the possibilities are unlimited, according to House Cleaning experts.

3. Always tidy up after yourself.

It should go without stating, but cleaning your linens and towels before stacking and organizing them is critical, according to House Cleaning experts. When you need to make your bed or replenish the guest room with fresh towels, you’ll know you’re always looking for a clean thing.

4. Arrange and start organizing your linens according to category.

According to House Cleaning experts, there are a few methods to achieve this: by type, size, or location. If you have separate sheet sets and linens for each room in your home, it is easier to separate them by space. You might wish to organize them by size, type, or color if they’re more versatile and replaceable.

5. To keep and divide your linens, use cartons, containers, & baskets.

Experts in the House Cleaning industry say Designated little storage zones are the way to go if you have a lot of different types and sizes of linens. You can use fabric boxes, cloth bins, or straw and wire baskets to organize your belongings. Invest in coordinated boxes if you want your linen closet to seem like something out of a Martha Stewart ad.

6. Your linens should be labeled.

It will be much easier to find what you’re searching for if you can discern the difference between full-size and queen-size linens with a single glance. To avoid losing anything, label everything after you’ve sorted and organized your linens into discrete stacks and storage boxes.

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