Pet Stains | House Cleaning Tip

Pet Stains | House Cleaning Tip

Accidents are unavoidable when housebreaking a new dog, and even house-trained senior dogs, too. Most stains and scents left behind by your pet may be removed easily. This belief is particularly true if you act promptly and utilize the correct House Cleaning materials.

Here are a few tips from the House Cleaning team in Los Angeles on how to clean up your pets’ most typical messes around the house.

How to Rid Pet Stains from the Couch

  1. Directly on the pet stain, pour a liberal quantity of vinegar. Ensure the blemish is soaked.
  2. After that, apply a tiny quantity of baking soda to the discoloration. Right immediately, you’ll hear this House Cleaning remedy from Los Angeles performing its magic!
  3. Allow 2 days for the stain to cure. Covering the stain with something like a bowl is a good reminder to leave it alone.
  4. After 2 days, vacuum your carpet to remove any remaining baking soda or use a clean towel to wipe down the stained area of your couch.

How to Rid Pet Stains from the Carpet

  1. Use several layers of paper towels over the area to absorb the pee. To absorb as much pee as possible, stand on the towel and press it into the carpet.
  2. Next, combine 2 cups vinegar, 2 cups warm water, and 4 tablespoons baking soda.
  3. Fill a spray bottle with the House Cleaning solution and spritz it on the dirty area.
  4. Allow for a 10-minute rest period.

House Cleaning Tip: Clean up urine as soon as it touches the floor while the carpet is still wet. The stink of urine will settle into the carpet fibers after drying.

How to Rid Animal Stains from Wood Floors

  1. Scrub the areas with a peroxide-soaked towel first, then let them dry.
    • House Cleaning Tip: Depending on the severity of the stain, you may need to soak the affected areas in hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Cover the stain with a paper towel. Allow each towel to sit on each stained area for a few hours, checking every hour to see whether the stain is fading.
  3. Keep in mind that after you’ve removed the stain, your floor color will most likely exhibit slight deterioration, necessitating some refinishing.

How to Remove Pet Stains from Concrete

  1. To begin House Cleaning, clean stains using a two-to-one vinegar and water solution, hydrogen peroxide, and then rinse off the concrete.
  2. Use an enzymatic cleaner and scrub it to get rid of the stink.
  3. Then, cover the cement and let it soak for 24 hours. With an ozone generator, you may dry and deodorize any remaining urine odors in the space.
  4. Because of the nature of the product, you may need to reapply multiple times for scents to be ultimately “eaten” away.

For the House Cleaning pros in Los Angeles, preventing future accidents is essential. So, if your pet has accidents frequently, get them examined by a veterinarian to rule out medical issues and lessen added House Cleaning responsibilities.


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