Plasticware Odor and Stain Removal Techniques

house cleaning services that removes plasticware and stains

Most homeowners frequently use plastic containers to store food. Thus, they accumulate odors and stains over time. The House Cleaning experts of Los Angeles have prepared several practical House Cleaning tips for eliminating stains and odors from plasticware.

  1. Give the empty plasticware a quick rinse. The primary House Cleaning step for food odors removal from plastic containers is washing them instantly. House Cleaning Los Angeles prefers a thorough wash with hot water and dishwashing soap, but a water rinse before a subsequent wash is also beneficial.
  2. With a sprinkling of salt, store them. While spicy dishes make for a fun desk lunch, they might leave lingering smells in your storage containers, even after washing them. If you add a hefty pinch of salt to these containers, the odor will dissipate. You have to clean the bottom and interior of the containers before using them so you will not get a mouthful of salt. 
  3. Always give them time to be exposed to direct sunlight. Placing containers outside on a sunny day will enable them to breathe and profit from the sun’s natural odor-fighting abilities.
  4. Use your distilled white vinegar to rinse your plasticware. Load your containers with white vinegar and soak them for a minimum of three minutes after washing them with hot water and dishwashing soap to eliminate terrible, lingering odors. Afterward, empty the vinegar and rinse with soap and water once again. 
  5. Store your plasticware overnight or even longer using a newspaper. Newspapers may often kill persistent odors in plastic food containers. Thus, put the crumpled newspaper inside, close the lid, and store it for a minimum of twenty-four hours. 
  6. Wash the plasticware on your dishwasher’s top rack. Plastic containers put on the dishwasher’s bottom rack may come into contact with the washer’s super-hot sections, melting and warping them. 
  7. You may also resort to using baking soda for odor and stain removal. Baking soda has long been known for its House Cleaning abilities and its power to eliminate plasticware stains and odors. Prepare a thick House Cleaning paste with warm water and baking soda and scour it into the container’s interior. Leave it for a day or more before giving it a proper rinse. Continue until the container is free of stains and smells fresh.

Another House Cleaning tip recommended by House Cleaning Los Angeles for odor and stain elimination is using lemon. 

Lemon is one of the most efficient House Cleaning solutions for removing plasticware stains and odors. To remove tomato stains from plasticware with lemon, scrape all of the food from the container and rinse it thoroughly. Next, slice the lemon in half and smear the two halves together over the stained spots in the container. By slightly squeezing in the juice, keep rubbing it on the stains. Place the container outside the sun for an hour or until the extract gets dry. Lastly, wash the plastic container and lid.

Hope you enjoyed these House Cleaning tips today!


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