Prevent Germs in Home Gym Equipment

prevent germs in home gym equipment by house cleaning services

The most comfortable place in the world is your home. Of course! Your gym, your rules. There will be no guidelines to follow except yours. However, there is still some routine cleaning that you need to do. Just like your regular House Cleaning, your home gym and its equipment should be cleaned as well.

To maximize the function of gym equipment, including your home gym equipment in your regular house cleaning. It is a good practice to clean and sanitize the machines and equipment to avoid germs between you and other family members.

Here are some of the tips for your home gym equipment cleaning, as recommended by House Cleaning experts from Los Angeles:


All pieces of exercise equipment must be disinfected after every use. The more extensive the equipment is, like treadmills and stationary bikes, can be cleaned weekly or monthly like your other house cleaning tasks. Do not forget to include these on the house cleaning checklist. Make sure to turn it off and unplug the machines before cleaning. Clean it with a microfiber cloth if more family members are using the device, better to disinfect it with appropriate House Cleaning supplies from Los Angeles. Also, check the manual of the machine to verify the maintenance guidelines.


These workout tools are often used and quickly collect sweat and bacteria. The coating on the weight can easily chip over time due to regular exposure. Wipe down your weights with a solution of soap and warm water. Then, dry it thoroughly with a microfiber cloth to avoid more damage.

Exercise mats

Sanitize the exercise and yoga mats at least once a week. The frequency of cleaning the mats will depend on how often you use them. Like what you do with the weights, you can wipe your mats with house cleaning soap and water solution. Thoroughly rinse with clean water to make sure that there is no soap residue. This can make the mats slippery that can cause injury. 

Additional Tips:

  • Clean the floors. You may use the solution you are using in your regular house cleaning. 
  • Tidy up your home gym’s floor. No matter what is the material of your floor, you still need to maintain it. For carpet, you should be vacuuming at least weekly. For hardwood and rubber tiles, you can mop with warm water, dish soap, and vinegar. 
  • Use air fresheners. This is another house cleaning product that you can use in your home gym to eliminate unpleasant odor. You may also consider an air humidifying set that you can grab from the House Cleaning supplies store in Los Angeles.
  • Wear clean shoes. You can have a spare pair of shoes that you can use only for workouts instead of the same shoes you are using outside your home. 
  • Use clean towels. This is to maintain good hygiene. 
  • Wear clean clothes. Another hygiene routine is to wear clean clothes. Also, use comfortable clothes during workouts.

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