Recommendations for Cleaning your Kitchen Cabinets

Recommendations for Cleaning your Kitchen Cabinets

As we all know, the cabinets for the kitchen are situated in one of the dirty areas in the house in the kitchen. Food spills, grease, and oil droplets result from cooking. Also, the dirty or sticky hands of children, as well as adults, can cause destruction to your kitchen cabinets. In this article, we are going to discuss the recommendations for cleaning your kitchen cabinets that are suggested by our professional cleaners in Los Angeles.


Start by Choosing House Cleaning Products

Cleaning can reduce the accumulation of dust on the cabinets and make it easier to get rid of them. The method of house cleaning you utilize will depend on the materials used in the doors of your kitchen. Painted surfaces or metal are easily cleaned using soap and warm water. Make sure you rinse thoroughly with plain water and then dry using a good cloth.

Additionally, all-purpose cleaners are generally used on these surfaces. We suggest checking the label thoroughly before using any cleaner on your cabinets. There is information on the label for customers about the surfaces that the cleaner is safe on as well as the ones that it could harm. To ensure that you are safe, test the cleaner on a non-visible surface prior to applying it to all cabinet surfaces to check if there will be a chemical reaction. Rinse and dry thoroughly to eliminate any remaining residue.

Moreover, chemical sensitivities and environmental concerns have certain people in Los Angeles worried about the use of household chemicals. There are alternatives that are green that you can make in your kitchen, such as lemon juice or white vinegar can be combined with water to wash the cabinets with grease. Baking soda may be used to wash away staining. Rinse with water, then dry with a cloth that is lint-free or a cloth that does not give up any fluff after cleaning.


How Kitchen Cabinets Should Be Cleaned?

Our professionals from the house cleaning agency prefer to clean from the top to the bottom. If the cabinets do not meet the ceiling and the tops of your kitchen cabinets will accumulate dirt and grease. Make use of a step stool and clean the tops of your cabinets. After that, clean them and spray the cleaning solution on the towel instead of on the cabinets directly, and then continue moving through the frame and door of the cabinet.


Cleaning your Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Spray cleaners designed specifically for furniture can be applied to cabinets. Be sure the product you buy is safe for your wood finish, or it will ruin the texture. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully before using the product for cleaning. It’s always good to test a surface prior to applying the cleaner, regardless of whether the container states it’s safe for your floors. Since it’s different when it comes to wood.

In addition, certain wood cleaners can be inflammable. This information is included on the labels warning. Do not smoke cigarettes while you are using these products, and while there’s a wood nearby. Be sure to keep them away from flames or other sources of heat. Be aware of this caution if using an electric stove or another appliance that has an ignition source. In Los Angeles, the number of house fires has tripled to 25 house fires a day. Sparks could ignite and cause a fire in the kitchen.

Moreover, cleaning the cabinets of wood may make the finish dull. When this occurs, revive the shine by using furniture polish. Wax for wood is also a good option to repair a dull look. Certain products require polishing. It’s recommended to buff wood cabinets on a regular basis to protect the wood and preserve the shine.


Cleaning your White Kitchen Cabinets

Nowadays, white kitchen cabinets remain trendy. Mostly because of being aesthetic and because it’s popular with those people who love neutral or white interiors. White kitchen cabinets can brighten your kitchen and give it sleek lines that go with any shade.

However, dirt, grease, and sun can cause the most white and bright paints to fade and turn yellow. Most cabinet paints are designed to last and be durable, you can apply more house cleaning tools without harming the surface.

Recommended Method to Wash Kitchen Cabinets

  • For thick, greasy buildup, make use of a damp cloth soaked in white vinegar to break up the grease first, and then apply the soap and water solution.
  • Combine warm water and some drops of dishwashing soap in the spray bottle.
  • Make a damp cloth using the soap solution and water.
  • Begin from the top of the frame to the bottom, and then gently clean the frames and doors.
  • Use a dry, clean cloth to remove the soapy residue off the surfaces of the hardware and paint.
  • Dry the cabinets and polish the hardware using a gentle clean cloth.


Maintaining the Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Clean

Hardware on your cabinets could be prone to the same buildup of grease that is caused by food items. Sometimes there might be a food item stuck up in your hardware, even though the cabinet has been cleaned. Take the hardware off prior to cleaning your cabinets. Clean the cabinets, and then wash the hardware. After both are cleaned, put new handles on the drawers and cabinets. This will give your entire kitchen a fresh look.

Also, the type of house cleaning you need for your equipment is contingent on the metal. Polishes and cleaners are available for all kinds of metal. Make sure that the cleaner you select is appropriate for your equipment. The wrong cleaner can harm the handles, costing you money to replace the handles, and of course, can harm your health as well. We at Maggy Maid highly suggest following the guidelines on the cleaning label.



In conclusion, these are our recommendations for cleaning your kitchen cabinets. We all know how expensive Kitchen Cabinet can be nowadays. If you are overwhelmed with how you can clean and maintain your cabinet, and if you’d prefer to spend more time cooking and less cleaning, call us to get cleaning services from our professional workers in the Los Angeles area that fit the needs of your home cleaning.

Ready to schedule a service? Call (800) 624-4962 to speak with our friendly customer service representatives.


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