Steps for Cleaning Your Window Blinds Effectively

Steps for Cleaning Your Window Blinds Effectively

Nowadays, blinds are considered classy and aesthetically pleasing to people’s eyes. Some people in this generation call it a ‘minimalist’ look and it’s tending lately. People nowadays get their inspiration to do their DIY looks for their room from Pinterest and blinds are usually part of it. Window blinds are a popular alternative for individuals who desire a more contemporary look in their home design. It is not only a functional window treatment, unlike curtains or drapes, but they also allow you to regulate how much light enters the room while creating a consistent and appealing aesthetic to the interior. 

Moreover, there are several window blinds to choose from depending on the ambiance you want to set for the room. It is essential to consider the cleaning and maintenance needs in addition to aesthetics. It’s possible that the method used to clean one set of window blinds won’t work for another. However, maintaining those in good condition is not difficult if you know how to clean window blinds. As recommended by our professional workers from a house cleaning agency in Los Angeles, here are the Steps for Cleaning Your Window Blinds Effectively.

When Should You Clean Your Window Blinds

Simply wiping your blinds in your bedroom and cleaning with a brush once a week is highly advised. If you have blinds that are located in the kitchen or any place where you mostly leave the window open, you should deep clean them once a month to prevent grease and dirt buildup. Additionally, cleaning your blinds makes them look better and extends their lifespan. These precautions and tips should help your blinds last for many years.

Steps for Cleaning Your Window Blinds Effectively

Dry Clean

We highly suggest cleaning their plastic blinds with wet paper towels, then following up with dry towels. If your window blinds are extremely stained, you may need to use a different method, such as a mix of dish soap, vinegar, and water solutions, or even remove your blinds from the window and wash them in the tub. Take note that if you have wooden blinds, it should require a more careful treatment as well. However, it is highly recommended to dry clean the wooden blinds first since it’s the safest to do to not destroy the wooden finish of the blinds.

Vacuuming the Blinds

When we say vacuum, it does not mean that use a vacuum that you use on floors, instead, a vacuum that is lightweight and small enough to fit the blinds. Grab a lightweight or portable vacuum and make your way horizontally over each blind. It’s also a good idea to buy a vacuum with a HEPA filter or to buy one that can be attached to the vacuum you already have. Vacuums with HEPA filters provide excellent purification. They are extremely effective at removing pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and smoke. A standard vacuum would revert back these particles to the air.

Checking the Spots

After carefully vacuuming your blinds, adjust their position so that they are parallel to one another. Look for fingerprints and dirt accumulation that may require further care. 

Use a Microfiber

Whether if don’t have a vacuum cleaner or a duster attachment, or simply want to do something else, the most widely acknowledged way to clean is using a microfiber cloth. The fibers in microfiber cloths attract and elevate dust, bacteria, allergens, grime, and grease. As a result, it is best to clean your blinds with microfiber.

Cords and Rods Should Be Cleaned

Dustiness can be an issue on several blinds with white cording, ropes, and taped sections. But there is a simple remedy to dinginess. To eliminate dirt, clean the cables with soap and water or use vinegar. Additionally, simply rub the cord from top to bottom with a microfiber cloth that has been lightly dampened with soapy water. Continue doing this to remove stubborn fingerprints from the rod. After wiping the blinds, open your blinds and clean the cord and rod with a dry clean cloth.

The Most Convenient Method for Cleaning Blinds

For basic cleaning, regular dusting like other appliances or furniture in the home will reduce the need for yearly deep cleaning. For a natural method, vinegar is simple and effective for cleaning. Simply wrap your hand in a clean soft towel and dip your wrapped fingertips into a glass of vinegar. Swipe it to the blinds from across the top and bottom and there you have it. Run a clean cloth across each blind to eliminate excess liquid and dirt.

Furthermore, for deep cleaning, blinds that have been ignored for a long time require more than a simple wipe clean. Start by going over the care instructions that came with the blinds. Some blinds require extra effort, so keep the manual or instructions you did receive when you purchased them, or simply go to the website of your blinds to check the care instructions. Those blinds that are made of wooden materials, cloth, and other types of blinds necessarily require more maintenance than other types.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fastest way to clean your window blinds is vinegar is a simple and effective sight cleaning. Simply wrap your hand in a clean soft towel and dip your wrapped fingertips into a glass of vinegar. 

As dust and filth collect on blinds, they should be deep cleaned every month or two months to maintain them clean and dust-free

The best tool to clean your blinds is to buy a vacuum with a HEPA filter or buy one that can be attached to the vacuum you already have.

Use a microfiber if don’t have a vacuum cleaner or simply want to do something else, the most widely acknowledged way appears to be using a microfiber cloth since it attracts dirts, and dust that you can usually see in the blinds.


In conclusion, cleaning blinds are simple and easy to maintain. It’s just that you should have spare time to clean it consistently, so the dirt won’t go big and thick to the point that it will be harder to clean. However, if your blinds are significantly damaged or discolored, cleaning them may not be an option. That being said, deep cleaning is the solution. You can follow the steps we have gathered or book a professional cleaner from Maggy Maid who has experience cleaning blinds properly and professionally for how many years. Call us today to get a quote and to get more information regarding cleaning services. Contact us at (888) 624-4962 we are located in Los Angeles and we will give you the best professional cleaners that you’re looking for to save and clean your blinds properly. 


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