5 Steps On How to Clean Stove Burners

Steps On How to Clean Stove Burners

A clean gas stove burner doesn’t just smell fresh and appears beautiful. It’s also an essential safety feature for kitchens, where fires are usually happening. The food that is cooked and grease spreading around the burners could look ugly and risky, therefore it’s essential to learn how to clean a gas burner properly. In this article, you’ll be able to clean your gas stove burners in no time by following the steps recommended by our professional cleaners.

Step 1: Check the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Understanding what type of care is appropriate for your kitchen appliances, will go a long way in protecting your investment. As we all know, the prices of stove burners are getting high depending on what type it is. The instruction manual for the product that comes with your stove burner will let you determine which areas to clean and make your task simpler and easier. The manual could also suggest cleaning products. This could be a great start in understanding how to cleanse and remove the blockages and dirt in your burners. If you do not have the printed manual you could obtain it via the website of the manufacturer.

Step 2: Removing the Cooking Grates 

Remove cooking grates and grids, and take them off once the surface is completely cool. For example, you will require a screwdriver for removing the caps for the burners. If you own a range equipped with a light, be sure to shut off the gas valve before you remove any of the components since it may cause some danger.

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Then, soak your cooking grates in water with soap for at least 15 minutes. If your cooking grates are made of cast iron, you shouldn’t wash them until they’ve been coated, or otherwise seasoned. If you’re not sure how to clean stove grates that are made of cast iron, check the instructions or manual first.

Step 3: Cleaning the Gas Stove Burner Holes

Once the food stain has been removed, and the burner heads are soaking for a period of time in the water with soap, put a gentle scrubber and a toothbrush to remove the loose debris gently. There may still be a bit of grease trapped in the holes in the burner. Make use of a long needle or safety clip or stick to remove this out and do this extremely gently. Don’t put any picks made of wood because they could break or split inside the holes for burners and create additional debris to build up. It is important not to exert intense pressure around the holes in the burners that could be damaged. 

Additionally, after you’ve done this, then shake the burner head and put it with running water to wash away the soap and other particles. Dry them with a soft type of cloth that doesn’t leave any fabrics on it. The drip tray, the grill, and the grates or grids need to have a deep cleaning using detergent and water using an extended brush.

Cleaning A Gas Stove Burner Holes - Maggy Maid

Step 4: Use a Baking Soda

Baking soda and water should be mixed to make a thick paste. The paste should be spread evenly on the stove and drip tray. After about 30 minutes, it will be gone away. Make use of scrub to wash off the baking soda and wash the burner caps with running water. You may also mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in case your stove has been severely scorched. Spread the baking soda in a thick layer on the top of the burners and apply the peroxide to the surface. It will help to lessen the stickiness and make the burner’s holes clean and free of grease. Rinse off with the running water and dry using a soft and clean cloth.

Moreover, it is also possible to make use of baking soda and lemon juice to wash your stove. Just simply sprinkle baking soda evenly on the stovetop. Rub a slice of lemon as it will get rid of any food-related marks and burn marks. Remove them with a gentle wet cloth and you’ll end up with a stove that appears as good as new. Take note that before using any chemicals or products, make sure that the stove burner is turned-off and in safe mode.

Step 5: Test the Gas Stove Burners

After you’ve put the burners back together for your gas stove, open the burner. Check if there’s a difference in the color of the flame or shape. A flame that isn’t straight and uneven, means an indication that the grates, the rings, or burner caps weren’t placed properly. It is easy to fix and sometimes not needing repair. We suggest simply need to turn off the burner and let it cool, then once that is done, you need to pick up the burner cap and simply realign it. If you are facing an unusual problem when it comes to flames, it must be a good time to call for help. That being said, contact a Professional Cleaning Team in Los Angeles in case you need help.


In conclusion, it’s good to maintain your gas stove always clean. It is not just about maintaining the hygiene of your kitchen but also ensures that your expensive stove lasts for a longer time. Well, it is really a must since we use our stove to cook our food so it’s better to be clean, and we all don’t want to serve dirty food to our family. It is also safe to have a clean stove burner to prevent chemicals and to prevent the spread of germs throughout your cooked food. You can save yourself time by regularly cleaning your house from spills after each cooking session. Your future self will be grateful for the thorough cleaning of this gas stove. If you are needing a professional to clean your stove burners for you, call us today at (888) 624-4962 and we’ll bring out the best domestic cleaners in the area.


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