Germiest Things at Home We Neglect

Ceiling Fan

Have You Ever Wondered What are the Dirtiest Items in Your Home?

You might be shocked by the items listed below but according to our Los Angeles Housekeeping team, household interiors, which we frequently checked in cleanliness, serve as breeding grounds for germs. In other words, there are filthy items in your home right now. Some of them are objects you’d typically ignore, but they accumulate so much dirt and germs that keeping them clean is practically impossible. So, let’s start with the top 5 filthy items in your home right now.

Here are the five grossest items in your home uncovered:


Window and Door Panels

During everyday cleaning, we frequently forget to clean windows and door panels. Because these places serve as a link to the outside world, they are more likely to get filthy and dusty. Certain remote nooks, corners, slim panels, and other items are dirtier than anything else inside the home.

Los Angeles Housekeepers Using Mop to Clean the Window - Maggy Maid

Electronics Surfaces

Electronic devices and equipment abound in today’s homes. Televisions with remote controls, mobile phones, game consoles, and laptops are just a handful of the technology that has become part of everyday life. Unfortunately, disenfecting our electronics shoud be a priority, ”because they have been too many people and are usually never cleaned, these electronic equipment collect even more germs”.

Lighting Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

When it comes to cleaning, the ceiling of your home is the area that receives the least attention. As a result, dust and filth accumulate on ceiling fans and other accessories above the head. The Maggy Maid Housekeeping specialists in Los Angeles recommend that these things should always be clean since they are excellent breeding grounds for yeast and bacteria that can contaminate the air you breathe.

Bathroom Fixtures

Water and alkaline detergents are constantly in contact in toilets, bathtubs, taps, and bathroom tiles. Germs thrive on damp surfaces as a result of moisture and poor ventilation. Changing water salinity, washroom items, and some areas may produce white deposits. It can ruin the ambiance of your bathroom and also affect the performance of your bathroom fixtures.

Cleaning Bathroom Fixtures - Maggy Maid Housekeeping

Electric Switches, Doorknobs, and Handles

Most people are conscientious about their home’s cleanliness and hygiene and sometimes overlooked doorknobs, cupboard handles, and electrical buttons. These surfaces are always in contact to individuals in your home who may carry germs and diseases from the outside. These places unwittingly become germ hotspots.

It’s evident that cleanliness isn’t just about visible surfaces. It’s about understanding the areas where germs thrive and taking steps to keep them at bay. From simple window panels to your smartphone screen, every item plays a role in maintaining a healthy home.

Now armed with this knowledge, it’s time to take action. Stay tuned for more free house cleaning tips and practical advice to help you live in a cleaner, happier home.

And, if you don’t have time to do this yourself. The best advice we can give is to pick up the phone and get a free quote from our professional cleaning services team.


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