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Most homeowners are aware that the seemingly manageable House Cleaning process of organizing a drawer can quickly escalate into a major headache if done incorrectly. House Cleaning Los Angeles always seeks new means to arrange our clothes so they do not become a tangled mess in a day or two, especially since we discover the items we frequently look for at the bottom of the heap. Thus, the House Cleaning professionals of Los Angeles have found a means to solve your problem in a very straightforward manner with the KonMari Method of folding. 

What Is the Difference Between KonMari Folding and Other Folding Methods? 

When you use the KonMari method for organizing and folding, you will discover that it is simple. The House Cleaning advantage is that the garment will stand upright once you have finished. It will not lie flat, so it will not wrinkle. Then, you will see what you have got at a glance, and nothing will stack on top of anything else. 


Make sure your tee shirt is flat. Then, fold your shoulder blades inward toward the center of your collar and fold the shirt down the length. Next, fold the sleeve out from the midline line you have drawn toward the shirt’s outer edge. 

Repeat the House Cleaning process on the other side of your shirt to create a long rectangle. Following, fold your shirt in half, starting at the top and working your way down. Leave about an inch of extra space at the bottom of the garment, though. From top to bottom, fold your shirt in half twice more. When you put your shirt inside the drawer, it should stand upright if you did everything correctly. 


Place the underwear facing up on a flat surface. From the crotch to the waistline, fold the stem half lengthwise and fold the left side inside until it reaches the inner edge of the right leg hole. Fold the right side of the paper across to the left. Then, fold the garment from the crotch side to the waistband once more. Standing upright, you can now place the item in the drawer. 


Lay your socks flat as a pair, one on top of the other. Nearly an inch from the top, wrap the toe within. Fold the paper in half and place it in the center. To make it stand upright, fold it in half. 


Place a tee in front of you and lay it flat. With the sleeve flat, fold on the right side. Fold the sleeve back halfway. Fold the one side above and repeat the sleeve fold to make a rectangle. Fold the neckline in about an inch from the hem. Fold in half halfway. Lastly, fold it in half again to make it stand up.

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