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It’s likely that you have learned some useful information if you admit to spending a lot of time scrolling through TikTok. On the app, users are eager to offer tips on everything from how to style the newest shoe trend to how to clean your house. But which TikTok cleaning hacks are legitimate, and which ones should be thrown away? There are many that you should try, but we tested some of the most well-liked hacks that you can try during your house cleaning in Los Angeles.


Using a pillowcase to dust ceiling fans


Changing pillowcase

It’s possible that you’re not thinking large enough—er, high enough—even if you’re meticulous about deep cleaning and dusting every square inch of your house. When you try to cool yourself, your ceiling fan may be blowing yucky dust about the room because you neglected to dust its blades.

This TikTok cleaning tip uses a product that you most likely already own to clean the dust off your ceiling fan blades: a pillowcase. Just wrap the pillowcase around the blade and pull it gently. The pillowcase will collect all the dust, leaving you with clean blades.


Steam Cleaning with a Microwave


Cleaning oven in the kitchen

It makes sense that TikTok is raving about this hack as it has been popular on the internet. For some time it has been a brilliant way to clean your microwave. Put some water in a bowl, add a lemon wedge, and microwave on high for about three minutes, or until the water is steaming. Any spaghetti sauce or other debris that has been spilled will become more easily cleanable thanks to your homemade cleaner’s steam. 


With a paper towel, scrub soiled plastic containers


paper towel for house cleaning


You are aware of the impact it can have on your cherished plastic containers. If you have ever attempted to save some leftover spicy rigatoni from your pasta night. No matter how hard you attempt to clean the clear plastic. It seems to remain orange and can quickly turn orange.

According to this TikTok housekeeping tip, you should add dish soap, shredded paper towels, and water to your plastic container until it is halfway full. When you give your container a good shake, it will come out as clean as the day you got it.


Clear the Filter in the Dishwasher


Clear the Filter in the Dishwasher

Hopefully, it didn’t take TikTok to inform you that you had to frequently rinse the dishwasher filter. Even while not all dishwashers have removable filters, if yours does, you should remove it from underneath the bottom rack once a month or so and give it a deep cleaning.

The filter should be unscrewed, washed in the sink, cleaned with a stiff-bristled brush if necessary, and then reinstalled. Your dishes will appreciate it if you clean your dishwasher filter now if you haven’t in a while.


Using dryer sheets to clean your toilet


Your toilet should be cleaned at least once a week, but in between times. You might find hairs, fuzzies, and other stray material adhering to the outside of your toilet. The response? TikTok claims that it is a dryer sheet. Wherever you detect fuzzies, simply rub a dryer sheet all over the outside of your toilet during housekeeping, and presto: They’ll be caught.


Clothes Stripping


Clothes Stripping

If there’s one deep cleaning tip from TikTok, it’s certainly this one: laundry stripping includes removing linens of any remaining detergent so you may feel clean and renewed. Be aware that you should never attempt laundry stripping on colored fabric, or delicate fabric. Anything else that calls for only cold water washing before we describe how to accomplish it.

Here’s how to do laundry stripping if you’ve decided it’s safe to attempt it with your items. Fill a tub halfway with very hot water, add a quarter-cup of borax, a half-cup of washing soda, and a cup of laundry detergent. Before adding the laundry you wish to strip, swirl it all around. (Using the stick end of a broom, an old brush, or whatever you have on hand). Continue to swirl everything until all of your laundry is covered.

Drain the tub’s water after letting the mixture sit for about five hours, stirring once each hour. Wash the laundry on cold without any detergent to ensure that everything is thoroughly stripped. And let it air dry as usual. You should have crisp, clean laundry in your possession.


Making Use of a Dish Wand in the Shower


This hack lets you clean your shower not only during the housekeeping schedule but also as you take a shower if maintaining the cleanliness of your shower seems like a hassle. In your bathroom, keep a dish wand filled with soap that is safe for the material of your tub. Then, to keep your shower looking tidy, use this wand as you near the end of your shower. It should simply rinse away, leaving a clean area behind.

Even though these are pretty clever hacks, some of them may not don’t work well as shown. Fortunately, you can just pay a professional service for house cleaning in Los Angeles if you don’t want to do it yourself. 



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