Tips for Cleaning your Mattress Naturally

Tips for Cleaning your Mattress Naturally

A mattress that has good quality is a significant purchase, therefore it’s a must to learn how to care for it. Accidents or spills occur occasionally, especially when you’re eating breakfast in the bedroom or if you have an infant or children that don’t know how to use the toilet yet. How do you clean up a mattress? In the end, it’s not as simple as you put it in the wash when it gets dirty, or gets wet.  Moreover, take the following steps as well as the guidelines below to complete cleaning properly, using the equipment you’ve probably got around the house that can serve as bed cleaning tools. This is one of the useful tips for our mattresses recommended by our professional House Cleaning agencies in Los Angeles.


What are the tips for cleaning your mattress naturally?

Preventing getting your mattress dirty in the first place is the most effective strategy. Covering your mattress and box springs in hypoallergenic cases gives them a shield from molds and dirt and reduces the number of dust as well. However, for liquids, you might want to think about placing a rubber mat on the mattress to protect it from spills or liquids from children. If you happen to get your mattress dirty and you want to clean it, take these steps to wash it:


  1. Take off pillowcases, sheets, and mattress covers. Let them spin in the washer while you’re at cleaning your mattress at home. Dust and dirt can be eliminated by washing all of your mattresses in hot water. If you’re not certain and you’re not sure, double-check the care label as well as learn the steps to wash your pillows.
  2. If you’re in the process of deep cleaning off a liquid spill or stain, do not grab the stain-removing product you have been using. Most mattresses in the U.S are constructed of materials that don’t react well to chemicals. Instead, attempt to remove any liquid and then leave the stain to itself. In the case of an unpleasant odor then you can apply a damp cloth soaked in chilled water, and use it to scrub away the stain. You could apply a little or mild soap to the fabric in case the stain does not go away, but be careful and remember that you shouldn’t end up creating a mattress wetter than it is already.
  3. Once you’ve cleaned off the stain or spill, remove the sheets from your mattress and allow it to dry before covering it again. 
  4. Cleanse the mattress. We suggest using small circular motions across the mattress to get rid of all the hair, dust, dirt, or dead skin. If you own an upholstery cleaner, the one that is used to clean sofas, then you could also utilize the upholstery accessory to make the process slightly easier, but it’s not necessary. However, you can definitely perform upholstery cleaning on a mattress. You’ll need to make sure you’re thorough, as you’ll need a spotless surface to perform the next steps.

In addition, if you own a memory foam mattress but make sure to choose the softest most gentle attachment available to protect the mattress cover. Utilize circular motions while vacuuming to get rid of even the particles that are hardest to get. But remember that our house cleaning professionals at Maggy Maid do not recommend using a steam cleaner on your memory foam mattress. Never use commercial cleaning products in your steam cleaner for mattress cleanings, such as carpet shampoo or upholstery cleaner. The detergents used for carpets and other upholstery cleaning tools can damage your memory foam mattress.

  1. Another tip is to cleanse the mattress using baking soda. Then vacuum once more. Once the mattress is dry and clean, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on the mattress in all. This will eliminate any smell that might remain. If it is possible, baking soda should be allowed to sit for at least a few hours to achieve the most effective results. Additionally, when your mattress smells fresh and clean, take off the mattress by vacuuming off the leftover baking soda. It will ensure that the mattress is clean prior to you putting your mattress back on.
  2. Moreover, cleansing the bed frame when you deep clean your mattress thoroughly is an ideal idea to clean your couch or bed frame base. Clean your bed frame to eliminate all dust and dirt that may be present. Take extra care of the bed slats, and also where the mattress rests. 


How frequently should my mattress be properly cleaned?

It is recommended to deep clean your mattress at least every six months if the mattress is dirty. This can also be a great occasion to flip or rotate your mattress. If your mattress isn’t contaminated there is no need to clean it thoroughly every six months. But, it is important to be on top of the regular cleaning of your mattress, most especially in areas where we usually get some bed bugs, and it could be in some areas, especially in Los Angeles. It is easy to accomplish this by airing your mattress and vacuuming its surface each when the sheets are changed. This is to prevent getting allergy rhinitis as well.


Why should I clean my mattress deeply?

Deep cleaning of your mattress thoroughly is essential for maintaining your health and to maintain your hygiene. Each night, you lose dead hair, and skin. Therefore, cleaning thoroughly your mattress can help ensure that your bedroom is healthy and clean. Cleaning your mattress lightly every once in a while is a good habit to adopt to stay clear of dirt and hair. However, it’s important to do regular cleaning every six months as well. This ensures that you’ve eliminated all bacteria and germs that infiltrate each mattress as time passes.



In conclusion, cleaning mattresses regularly every 6 months is recommended especially in this pandemic season, it is better if we stay away from any allergies and dust that may cause and harm our health. Some of the diseases and discomforts we may face if we didn’t clean our mattresses regularly are allergy rhinitis or intense bed bug bites. We may also experience intense colds and coughs since there’s a possibility of inhaling dust if the mattress is dirty. Remember that we must take care of it since your mattress will serve as your resting place and should be comfortable. These are the tips for cleaning your mattress naturally with methods that can bring comfort to your family. You can also book our professional cleaners from Maggy Maid to clean your mattresses if you don’t want to spend your time cleaning and stressing out. We refer to the most skilled people in Los Angeles. They all have years of experience when it comes to cleaning mattresses. Contact us now at 888-624-4962 to have your mattresses taken care of by a professional.


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