Tips for Preventing and Reducing Dust in the House

Tips for Preventing and Reducing Dust in the House


Finding dust in your house is unpleasant, and it frequently appears that no matter how well you clean, it returns. Dust is consist of many particles such as plant pollen, debris, and fibers from clothes and paper. It’s irritating when it builds up and may trigger asthma and allergy sufferers. We have gathered tips for preventing and reducing dust in the house. These steps are recommended by our professionals from Los Angeles, who are usually cleaning and have mastered the art of cleaning and removing dust properly.

The Best Dusting Material

The best dusting material is a microfiber dusting cloth, dusting brush, or electrostatic cloth to catch it. The best part of using that is that once you’re done cleaning, you can just throw it in the washer, dry it, and reuse it. It attracts dirt like a magnet. For reaching blinds and ceiling fans, they come in a range of shapes and lengths and you might use a specific material for this one such as a dusting brush. Additionally, mirrors can be thoroughly cleaned using moist microfiber cloths without the need for any household cleaning products. If you don’t have any microfiber, you may use a damp cloth instead of microfiber.

Make a Daily Cleaning Routine

The best treatment for dust is to avoid it in the first place. Make a cleaning schedule for each day, and then do your best to follow it. Yes, you will skip some days if you are worn out from work or daily activities. That’s fine, but make sure to pick off the next day where you left off. If not, dust will quickly take over your home.

The best treatment for dust is to avoid it in the first place. Make a cleaning schedule for each day, and then do your best to follow it. Yes, you will skip some days if you are worn out from work or daily activities. That’s fine, but make sure to pick off the next day where you left off. If not, dust will quickly take over your home.

Remove the Dirt from the Doors

It is advisable to must use thick mats at each doorway to wipe a person’s feet before going into their homes. That being said, you must train and inform each person in your household to make with their feet before entering. Even if people remove their shoes inside, this method alone will significantly reduce the amount of dust brought in. Moreover, there will also be a noticeable decrease in the dust if you shake the bedding outside every couple of days or vacuum them. Dust can infiltrate through carpets and matting to the floor below, so while cleaning them, be sure to vacuum or rinse both sides.


The more furniture you have, the more difficult it will be to continue cleaning and vacuuming around and under each item. Regularly declutter your stuff and make sure that clutter does not accumulate everywhere. Instead of leaving goods out in the open, store them in cabinets or closets. You may drastically limit the quantity of dust that gathers on exposed shelves by installing glass shutters.

Cleaning Your Vacuum

Maintain and clean your vacuum on a regular basis. An unclean vacuum that isn’t cleaned on a regular basis may wind up pushing more dust out than it collects. Empty the canister and replace bags and belts as needed, maintain the brush wheel clear of hair and other debris, inspect for cracks or loose hinges, and get it serviced on a regular basis to guarantee it runs smoothly, especially when doing house cleaning.

Washing Your Bedding Weekly

Dust mites can be reduced by washing your bedding in hot water once a week. If you have allergies, you may want to take further precautions, such as wrapping your cushion and box spring in allergen-blocking vinyl coverings. Dust mites flourish in damp conditions, so have a dehumidifier in your bedroom and look for bedding with cooling properties to help reduce night sweats.

Take off Your Shoes

All kinds of the garbage get up on the bottoms of your shoes. If you and your visitors leave their shoes at the door while entering your home, you will prevent carrying dust and grime from outside into your home. It’s great to give slippers to anyone who might feel weird being shoeless in your house, so have a few “guest” house shoes on hand for friends and relatives.

Replacing Your Carpets

Carpets retain dirt under the pad over time that even the greatest vacuum cannot entirely remove. Deep cleaning your carpet helps, but doing it too frequently causes it to wear out faster. Then it mixes carpet fiber pieces and glues into the dust in your house. Replacing your carpets with firm flooring if you can afford it. It’s a lot simpler to maintain clean.

Air Purifier

When it comes to removing common air pollutants like smoke, dust, and other harmful particles, air purifiers may work miracles. They work by pumping air into the device from the bottom and letting it pass through one or more filters to remove pollutants and particulates. The room is then refilled with the fresh, filtered air. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The trick to eliminating dust is always to make a daily cleaning routine and schedule and then try your best to stick to it will make your house dust free.

To reduce the dust in your room is washing your bedding weekly and use a vacuum cleaner in your room. Dust mites can be reduced by washing your bedding in hot water once a week and maintaining your vacuum on regular basis will help reduce the amount of dust in your room.

Having an Air Purifier may perform wonders in removing typical pollutants from the air, such as dust, and to help the gid rid of the dust in the air is simply having a (HEPA) filter and an air purifier with high-efficiency particulate air.

By getting dirt from your door must clean their feet before entering their houses with sturdy mats at each entry. Even if individuals take their shoes off inside, this technique alone will dramatically minimize the quantity of dust tracked in.


In conclusion, getting rid of dust in your house does not happen overnight, but it is achievable if you continue and do the cleaning religiously. Proper and consistent cleaning is the key to preventing and reducing dust in the house. It is highly recommended to clean always to lessen the dirt and prevent clouds of dust. However, some people are too busy enough to clean consistently. If you want your house to be maintained from dust, hire a professional cleaner from Maggy Maid Los Angeles to make your life easier and manage your time. Contact us today at 888-624-4962.


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